Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Processing and Utilization Technologies: A spotlight on Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum Session Chair, Dr. Chris Marinangeli

Dr. Chris Marinangeli is the chair of the Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum's first session, Processing and Utilization Technologies

Session description:

In this session, processing and utilization technologies of plant-based proteins and their relationships in plant-based food systems are discussed. Presentations include protein-starch interactions in the development of structure and functionality of plant-based products, development strategies for plant-based meat alternatives, almond, canola and oats as alternative protein sources and enzyme solutions for plant-based food and beverage production.

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Meet Dr. Marinangeli

A brief biography:

Chris Marinangeli completed an interdisciplinary doctorate in Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Manitoba’s Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.  Following his tenure as Senior Manager of Nutrition Science and Regulatory Affairs at Kellogg Canada, he joined Pulse Canada as the Director of Nutrition Science and Regulatory Affairs. Chris serves on the Scientific Review Committee and Board of Directors for the Canadian Federation of Dietetic Research. He previously served on the Canadian Advisory Council for the International Life Sciences Institute – North America.     

1)  Why did you decide to get involved with the Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum? 

I was invited to participate in organizing the Pulse Science and Technology Forum in 2019, in Toronto.  The meeting was successful and relevant for bringing together thought leaders on the challenges and opportunities for incorporating more pulses and pulse ingredients into manufactured food products. 

My participation in this year’s Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum, again, stems from the opportunity to disseminate important information on the use of plant ingredients across a wide variety of products.  Like last year’s forum, the organizing committee focused on facilitating conversations on some of the emerging breakthroughs, challenges and controversies around plant protein foods.  These themes continue to be important as global momentum continues to endorse increased consumption of plant proteins.

2)  How does your work intersect with the session, you are chairing?

The interplay between health and environmental sustainability is expediting the use of a variety of plant proteins in manufactured food products.  As a nutrition scientist and regulatory professional, awareness of the latest advances in the plant-protein sector is critical for disseminating information and for initiating projects and work plans that address knowledge gaps.  As I work within the Canadian pulse sector, the information provided about other plant proteins can be a catalyst for collaboration.

3) Have you attended a Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum before? If so, what have you enjoyed about previous forums? If this is your first forum, what are you most looking forward to?

I participated in the Pulse Science and Technology forum in 2019.  The breadth and diversity of the topics covered were extremely interesting and relevant to my own interests and work.  Also, the delegates participating were from an array of academic and professional backgrounds, which brought broad, new perspectives on the topics presented.  For this year’s forum, I am looking forward to these same elements.  This year’s meeting will cover a wider variety of plant proteins across production, supply chains and food and cosmetic innovation.  I am excited to learn about all these topics.

4) What is one unexpected fact most people who know you would never guess?

I’m an amateur woodworker and brew my own beer.

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