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New referenced articles in the January issue of Inform magazine

Get an early start on the January 2016 issue of Inform magazine by reading the free digital edition. This issue includes articles on a wide range of topics related to oils and fats, including organogels made with vegetable oil and plant wax, emerging deep eutectic solvents, FT-NIR analysis of lecithin, water as an ingredient in cleaning applications, and surfactants and skin. Be sure to bookmark the link to the current issue so you can easily access each issue as it goes live. Inform can also be viewed from the app which is available from Apple, Amazon, and Google Play stores by searching “AOCS Inform.”

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

AOCS December 2015 Newsletter

Travel Grants Available

The Industrial Oil Products Division, and Protein and Co-Products Division offer funding assistance through travel grants to attend the 107th AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo.

Please visit the respective Division webpages for guidelines on available programs.

Thomas H. Smouse Memorial Fellowship Now Open for Nominations

The Smouse Fellowship includes a $15,000 scholarship and is awarded to a graduate student doing research in areas of interest to AOCS. Primary qualifications include the highest standards of academic excellence and the reasonable expectation that the recipient, upon receipt of the degree, will enter into and make significant contributions to the field consistent with the goals and interests of AOCS.

Application materials are due February 2, 2016.

Visit the website for more information on nomination requirements and how to apply.

2016 AOCS Annual Meeting—The Expo Returns!

The Expo will host 80+ international partners providing business solutions for professionals in the fats and oils industries, the AOCS Pavilion, and 200+ poster presentations. The Expo is also the meeting's hub of major networking activities including The President's Welcome Reception, Monday lunch, Tuesday reception, and daily refreshment breaks.

Interested in participating in Expo 2016 or becoming a sponsor? Contact Christina Waugh, +1 217-693-4901.

Registration for the 107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo will open in January. Register by February 26 and save up to $200!

JAOCS Article of the Month

Researchers led by Arturo Morales at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain, analyzed the formation of primary and secondary oxidation products in a model system of microencapsulated oils in a dairy-like matrix similar to infant formula. "The study shows that a substantial amount of secondary oxidation products and polymerization compounds can be detected in encapsulated methyl esters, even at low levels of global oxidation," said Silvana Martini, JAOCS senior associate editor, who chose this research as the JAOCS article of the month. These results could help explain rancidity in foods with low contents of primary oxidation compounds such as hydroperoxides. This paper, "New Analytical Evidence of Discontinuous Oxidation in Dried Micorencapsulated Lipids," is available free of charge until January 16, 2016.

Foods Fortified with Omega 3s

AOCS helped The Dr. Oz Show—a syndicated television talk show in the United States—secure lab footage for an episode about dietary omega-3 fatty acids. The show analyzed non-fortified eggs, milk, and peanut butter with those fortified with omega-3s. See how they compared and what Dr. Oz had to say about whether omega-3-fortified foods belong in a healthful diet.

First 2016 book in Academic Press and AOCS Press Series Now Available

Handbook of Lipids in Human Function: Fatty Acids, edited by AOCS members Ronald R. Watson and Fabien De Meester, is now available to purchase from Elsevier. AOCS Members receive a 30% discount and free shipping by entering the code AOCS30 during check out. The 29-chapter book, with over 60 experts contributing, presents current research in people and animal models that defines the roles and research status of fatty acids in major areas of health and disease. Visit the Academic Press and AOCS Press website to learn more about this title, and other AOCS Press and Elsevier titles. Remember, the 30% discount works on all Elsevier Science and Technology titles, too, so treat yourself with new titles to read this holiday season.

Upcoming AOCS Meetings 
107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo
May 1–4, 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Now accepting papers, submit your abstract today!
World Conference on Fabric and Home Care—Singapore 2016
October 4–7, 2016
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Upcoming Industry Meetings 
Industry Event
The 2016 Emerald Conference
January 21–22, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Industry Event
Future of Surfactants Summit 2016
February 3–4, 2016
Berlin, Germany

Mention code SSU1D10 for 10% discount
Industry Event
18th Annual Nanotech 2016 Conference & Expo
May 22–25, 2016
Washington D.C., USA

Call for Abstracts open through January 15
Industry Event
OFIC 2016
October 19–21, 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Call for posters is now open!

FREE from JSD: Dissolution of Soap Scum by Surfactants. Part III. Effect of Chelant Type on Equilibrium Solubility and Dissolution Rate of Calcium and Magnesium Soap Scums in Various Surfactant Systems

Research led by Sumaeth Chavadej from the Petroleum and Petrochemical College at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, constitutes this month’s free article pick from the Journal of Surfactants and Detergents Editor-in-Chief George Smith. “Removal of soap scum from around the kitchen and bathroom is a problem that has been around since soap was first discovered,” says Smith. The research shows that dimethyl dodecylamine oxide (DDAO; an amphoteric surfactant) in combination with biodegradable chelants enhances the solubility and dissolution kinetics of soap scum, without strong acids that can cause corrosion and environmental concerns in household cleaning products. The article will be available online, free of charge, until Feb. 14, 2016.

Bioproducts 2.0: Why Canada’s soybean industry is partnering with the world’s largest lab-for-hire

Most soybean growers have heard the stories about Henry Ford’s enthusiasm for soybeans.

Ford famously championed soy – along with wheat, flax and other crops – in the development of auto parts, including plastics and paints.

But those products were not without their drawbacks: automotive paint enamels and coatings, for example, offered poor durability, limited colour options, and took several days to set.

Rick Heggs, senior marketing manager with Battelle, the world's largest non-profit research and development organization, counts Ford’s early forays into bio-product development as part of an era he calls “version 1.0” – when it was still fairly routine for industry to develop agricultural products for industrial uses.

Heggs spoke about oil and fatty acid industrial products at the 25th Canadian Conference on Fats and Oilseeds held in Quebec City October 5-6.

“Everything prior to 1860 was based on bioproducts,” Heggs said. “Then the age of petrochemicals began, and bioproducts lost their lustre. We started switching from natural products to synthetic products.”

According to Heggs, the petrochemical revolution brought some unexpected benefits for bio-products too: scientists developed a stronger knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry.

“Now, in bio-products ‘version 2.0’ we’re applying those tools and techniques to natural products to modify them for industrial use,” Heggs said. “Many times we are replacing the functionality of a petrochemical but we’re not providing the exact same molecule. We look for functionality rather than identical substitution.”

Heggs said today, only about two per cent of industrial chemicals are derived from renewables, with the remaining 98 per cent derived from fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil.

He sees big opportunities for chemicals from renewables, predicting a fivefold increase in that market share by 2020, and as much as a 50 per cent increase by 2050.

Growing demand for high oleic soybeans

As the world’s largest lab-for-hire, Battelle has a mandate to bring business and scientific interests together for positive change. This includes working with Soy 20/20, an industry organization with a goal to encourage and expand new market opportunities for Canadian soybeans.

“New high oleic soybean varieties significantly improve performance of soybean oil and will play an important role in opening new market applications for Canadian growers,” said Rob Roe, bio-product commercialization director with Soy 20/20. “We’re seeing a lot of interest from industry in these varieties for food processing and industrial applications.”

Heggs said that with a variety of feedstocks and a good understanding of the differences in the fatty acid profiles of different oils, scientists are able to take oils as a feedstock and transition them to desired industrial products.

“There’s a tremendous variety that we now have for taking these natural oils and products and converting them into industrially useful products,” said Heggs.

No “green premium” here

Heggs said Battelle recognizes there are sensitivities around using crops that are grown for food, and the company works within the confines of the food industry’s requirements.

He said commodity soybean oil is quite different from oil produced by selected breeding, and echoed a strong interest in genetically modified (GM) soybeans and the focus on oleic oils.

“Obviously it has to be cost-competitive and it has to be available,” Heggs said. “Study after study has shown there is little to no green premium in the marketplace. So we have to be competitive both on performance and cost to be successful.”

Soy 20/20 has a long-standing relationship with Battelle, using the company’s experts to help evaluate new market opportunities. This is particularly relevant to bioproducts made with high oleic soybean oil, but also for the potential that the new high linoleic soybean variety from the University of Guelph might offer as well, says Roe.


Post Courtesy Lisa McLean for Soy 20/20

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Future of Surfactants Summit, 3rd – 4th February 2016, Berlin, Germany

ACI brings to you Future of Surfactants Summit - our debut surfactants conference. This summit “will take place in 3rd – 4th February 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Speakers and Attendees of the Conference will focus on the dynamics of the growing surfactants industry and the future growth of the business.

Key industry players will give in-depth presentations and get involved in the Panel Discussions with senior level audience covering the most important topics in the market. From growing commodity surfactants to new emerging specialities, the conference will address the entire value chain & key aspects in shaping the future.

Join us in Berlin to exchange your point of view with your peers and engage in excellent networking opportunities. Topics that we will cover include:
  • Impact of Oil Price Volatility on the Surfactant Market
  • Feedstock: Current & Future Input
  • The Bigger Picture: LCA & Sustainability
  • Consumer Insights & Product Quality
  • Market Challenges & Opportunities
  • CLP & Regulation
  • Breakthrough Trends & Developments in Household & Personal Care Applications
  • Emerging Specialties

and lots more…

ACI, benefitting from a thorough research on the topic and market, will bring together the right companies and the best professionals to share their “job story”, which will have an exceptional value for the conference attendees who will receive a unique opportunity to examine all aspects of the market in practical terms.

With an investment of £1,495 (ex. VAT) you can take advantage of becoming a part of the story and gain valuable experience and priceless expertise. As the number of attendees is strictly limited, please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

ACI’s Future of Surfactants Summit will allow you to examine and analyse successful case studies of latest projects presented by industry leaders, along with exploring the latest technology advancements.

Who Will Attend?

You will be joined by leading companies representing Cosmetic product / ingredient formulators, raw material producers & suppliers, product developers, regulatory affairs specialists,  personal care brand owners, natural cosmetic /ingredient producers, consultants, cosmetic associations, equity firms and individuals interested  in growing in the cosmetic business and many more. They will attend to this interactive conference in order to build strong relationships, maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace and discuss with key industry leaders who will share their insights and real-life working experiences with the audience.

Readers/Subscribers are entitled to a special discount on registration.  For further information or to register your attendance contact Mado Lampropoulou quoting SSU1D15.

Mado Lampropoulou
Marketing Department, ACI
T: + 44 (0) 203 141 0607

We welcome you to join our leading experts at Europe’s cutting edge “Future of Surfactants Summit”!

Please clicking on the link below to visit our event’s website:
or view the latest agenda:


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AOCS members and authors make list of 100 most influential analytical scientists

Several AOCS members and authors were among the top 100 most influential people in the world of analytical science to make The Analytical Scientist Power 100 List 2015. Several served as authors of the AOCS Press book, Extreme Chromatography: Faster, Hotter, Smaller, edited by William Craig Byrdwell and Michal Holcapek and published in 2011. In addition to Holcapek, other authors who made the list include:

  • Paola Duga
  • Salvatore Fanali
  • Davy Guillarme
  • Pavel Jandera
  • Luigi Mondello
  • Nobuo Tanaka
  • Jean-Luc Veuthey
View the entire list here and be sure to congratulate these authors, members, and award winners!  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Free: JAOCS article of the month 'New Analytical Evidence of Discontinuous Oxidation in Dried Microencapsulated Lipids'

Researchers led by Arturo Morales at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain, analyzed the formation of primary and secondary oxidation products in a model system of microencapsulated oils in a dairy-like matrix similar to infant formula. “The study shows that a substantial amount of secondary oxidation products and polymerization compounds can be detected in encapsulated methyl esters, even at low levels of global oxidation,” said Silvana Martini, JAOCS senior associate editor, who chose this research as the JAOCS article of the month. These results could help explain rancidity in foods with low contents of primary oxidation compounds such as hydroperoxides. This paper is available free of charge until January 16, 2016.

Read or download at


Monday, November 23, 2015

AOCS November 2015 Newsletter Highlights

Award News

Since 1999, AOCS has selected members who have made outstanding contributions to the technological aspects of the profession and to the growth of the Society. This is a distinctive and prestigious honor that can only be earned through years (15 or more) of dedication and service. Nominations due December 1, 2015—visit the website for more details.

For graduate students!
Thomas H. Smouse Memorial Fellowship is now open. The award is for the 2015–2016 academic year. The Fellowship includes a $10,000 stipend and $5,000 for research funding. Application deadline is February 1, 2016. Visit the website for more details.

Inform Feature Article

A research group at Claflin University, South Carolina, USA, has demonstrated that extracting polyphenols from soybean hulls at room temperature could make soy hull extract an attractive alternative to synthetic antioxidants. Their article, from the November-December issue of Inform magazine, is available via the magazine’s digital edition.

AOCS Press News

JAOCS selects new editor-in-chief
On behalf of the JAOCS Editor-in-Chief Search Committee, AOCS is pleased to announce that Dr. James A. Kenar has been selected as the new editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society. His term begins in May 2016.

Jim Kenar is a research chemist at the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR) in Peoria, Illinois, USA. He has been a senior associate editor for JAOCS since 2006, and an associate editor from 2000–2006. He has also served on several Annual Meeting planning committees, as well as on AOCS membership committees.

Kenar succeeds Dr. Richard W. Hartel, who has been editor-in-chief since 2006. During Hartel’s tenure, the journal has seen a growth in submissions, published papers (up 33%), and increased international exposure. Visit the JAOCS website, now with journal usage metrics, to view the entire editorial board.

Academic Press and AOCS Press website launches
We are excited to announce the new website is up! Moving forward, our new books will be co-branded under Academic Press and AOCS Press, and you can purchase these, as well as a selection of our pre-existing titles, on the Elsevier store website. Titles can be purchased in print and digital formats, and will also be available on ScienceDirect, EBSCO, and many other digital libraries. Elsevier offers free shipping worldwide, and AOCS members receive a 30% discount on AOCS Press titles and all Elsevier Science and Technology books.

107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo News and Updates

It’s not too late to submit!
Abstract reviews have begun, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to submit! Abstracts for oral and poster presentations will be accepted as program space allows until January 11, 2016. Submit as soon as possible for optimal consideration! View interest areas and abstract submission guidelines.

Interested in organizing a session? Build a Hot Topics Symposium with expert speakers to shed light on an emerging theme within the fats and oils industries. Session proposals are currently being reviewed—submit yours today! View submission guidelines.

Avoid housing scams
Orchid Event Solutions is the only official housing company for the 107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo. Any person or organization that calls you directly about making a hotel reservation is not affiliated with AOCS, Orchid Event Solutions, or any AOCS Annual Meeting hotel. Do not provide any personal information, especially your credit card number. Official housing for the 107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo will open in January 2016.

Annual Meeting Program Committee meets in Chicago—big plans for 2016
AOCS held a planning meeting in Chicago, Illinois, USA last month with the Program Committee for the 107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo. In attendance were Dilip Nakhasi (Bunge Oils, Inc.), Christine Rogers-Kelly (Mississippi State Chemical Lab), Tiffanie West (Bunge Oils, Inc.), Michael Rogers (University of Guelph), Khalid Mahmood (Johnson & Johnson Consumer), Rongpeng Jason Wang (CVC Thermoset Specialties - Emerald Performance Materials), Xiangqing Shawn Pan (DuPont Nutrition & Health), Matthias Rebmann (Perimondo), Grant Mitchell (Process Plus, LLC), Jianping Wu (University of Alberta), and AOCS staffers Jeff Newman, Elizabeth Garard, Ellen Snipes, Donna Elbon, and Tiffany Perry. The 107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is scheduled for May 1–4, 2016 and will include an expanded technical program with two new interest areas, joint sessions developed with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and the return of the Expo! Registration and housing will open in January 2016.

New CRMs available

AOCS Technical Services announces the release of new cottonseed certified reference materials 1012-A (Syngenta non-modified powder) and 1012-C (Syngenta COT102). Now available in the AOCS store.

Upcoming AOCS Meetings

107th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo
May 1–4, 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Now accepting papers, submit your abstract today!

World Conference on Fabric and Home Care—Singapore 2016
October 5–7, 2016
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Upcoming Industry Meetings

The 2016 Emerald Conference 
anuary 21–22, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  

OFIC 2016 
October 19–21, 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for posters is now open!'


Saturday, November 21, 2015

New issue of Inform magazine now available. Read the entire digital edition for FREE!

The Nov/Dec issue of Inform magazine is available online now with a lineup of ten features available for free reading. The features cover a broad range of topics, including: a cover article on the power of biopeptides; soy hull extract as an alternative to synthetic antioxidants; enhancing the stability of olive oil with natural ingredients; upgrading glycerol for higher value applications; hydroxylated waxes for use in cosmetics …and several others. 

Bookmark the link to the current edition for future reference and then follow it to read any or all of these articles (plus many other articles in the back issues).

Monday, November 2, 2015

Canadian fats and oils conference had winning formula for success

There are three main components to a world-class conference: program, sponsorship and attendees.

That’s the verdict of Dérick Rousseau and Nicolas Bertrand, who recently organized the Canadian section of the American Oil Chemists’ Society (CAOCS) 25th conference on fats and oils, held in Québec City in early October 2015.

“We were very fortunate to have a critical mass of quality attendees with a strong program and supportive sponsors,” said Rousseau, a professor at Ryerson University and conference chair. “We had excellent feedback. People were impressed with the high calibre of presentations and attendees, and the networking opportunities that were there.”

Rousseau says in his experience, finding an organization to partner with on common interests has often proven successful.

The CAOCS event was jointly organized with the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Industrial Bioprocesses in Quebec (CRIBIQ), an organization with a goal to facilitate collaboration between industry and research institutions for bioprocess development within the province.

“This year we worked to bring more industry partners to an event that has been traditionally academia,” said Bertrand, project manager with CRIBIQ.  “We introduced an industry track for most of the conference program that ran parallel to the academic side. It was very well received.”

Industry participants came from the United States and Canada, representing agricultural biotechnology, bioproducts, and regulatory bodies. But the conference also remained true to its roots by promoting the involvement of academic researchers and students throughout the program.

“These students are going to be the future of the fats and oils industry,” said Rousseau. “The quality of the scientific material students presented was very good. When we’re dealing with food-related research, it has to be relevant to industry and consumers. We’ve seen a disconnect in recent years, and it’s time we bridge that gap.”

Of the three million tonnes of vegetable oil produced in Canada each year, 80 per cent of it is exported, mainly to the U.S. and China.

In 2011, the Canadian vegetable oil industry had global economic benefits of $6.7 billion for the Canadian economy. Globally, vegetable oils are mainly used in human food applications, animal feed and industrial applications.

While Canada’s canola sector represents approximately 90 per cent of the vegetable oil produced in Canada, there is also a lot of interest in the development of specialty trait oils like high oleic canola and soybean, and camelina.

The CAOCS conference is held every two years, alternating between Western Canada and Eastern Canada.


Courtesy Lisa McLean


Versitech Limited and Agragen, LLC enter into an exclusive licensing agreement to enhance the agronomic performance of camelina- News Release

Agragen, a Cincinnati-based biotechnology company, announces it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Versitech Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Hong Kong, for two key technologies to enhance the agronomic performance of camelina.

These new technologies, when coupled with Agragen’s world-leading technology to genetically modify camelina, will enable Agragen to potentially double the yield of camelina. “Early results from one of the technologies indicate a yield enhancement of camelina over two-fold,” says Eric J. Murphy, Agragen chief Scientific officer. “The other technology looks to enhance oil yield under drought conditions and enables camelina to make oil more efficiently,” notes Murphy. “The enhanced yield enables competitively priced feed-stock for biofuels, even in today’s low price oil market.”

This new ability to produce low-cost camelina oil, coupled with the company’s principals’ extensive experience in using camelina-derived oil to produce low carbon footprint jet fuel and large-scale production of camelina in the field, makes this effort a significant shift in the prospects for camelina to become a source for sustainable production of biofuel feedstock. This is especially attractive because camelina can be used in double cropping systems, which maximizes land use across agricultural production worldwide.

In addition to biofuels, Agragen has embarked on making bioactive lipids for use in human health and disease. “While other groups have worked on making fish oil in camelina, our patent position for the transformation of camelina enables us to enter into this market in a very meaningful way,” says Murphy.

In the near future, Agragen will announce how this new technology licensed from Versitech Limited will be coupled with other technologies to enhance the production of bioactive lipids for use to promote human health and combat disease. “We have a couple of great, very unique oils in the pipeline that have the potential to become important players in human health,” notes Murphy.
Agragen is focused on transforming camelina into a key platform for oil production for use in biofuels and in human health applications. This innovative technology offers a new horizon for camelina, a truly exciting time for human health and alternative fuels.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Academic Press and AOCS Press Website Launches

As a result of the co-publishing alliance between AOCS and Elsevier, select AOCS Press books can be found on a special website, featured prominently on the Elsevier store homepage. The website features a selection of backlist titles in addition to all upcoming 2016 titles. Titles can be purchased in print and digital formats and can be found on ScienceDirect, EBSCO, and many other digital libraries. AOCS members receive a 30% discount on AOCS Press titles and all Elsevier Science and Technology books. 
The new books are co-branded under the Academic Press and AOCS Press imprints. Together, Academic Press and AOCS Press offer a range of reference books, monographs, handbooks, and more to address the needs of professionals, students, researchers and academics. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How did McDonald’s and Cargill transform an entire industry?

Ram Reddy (Vice President, McDonald’s Business Unit, Cargill Inc., USA.) will present at the AOCS Oils and Fats World Market Update 2015.
  • Learn how consumer demands transformed one of the biggest food service retailers in the world, and its entire supply chain.
  • What role did taste, nutrition, sustainability, sourcing, and even disposal play in the shift to high oleic oils and transformation of the industry?
  • See how responding to these drivers can benefit the entire supply chain and increase profit through repeat business and satisfied customers.
Learn about this topic and more at the Oils and Fats World Market Update Conference... the place to learn, network, and advance your industry perspective.

Find Out More


Monday, October 12, 2015

Join the Global Ag Innovation Network at L.A. Innovation Week

Larta Institute’s Global Ag Innovation Network (GAIN) invites you to
Food for Thought: New Sources, New Systems” held during LAEDC’s LA Innovation week, in partnership with Sidley Austin LLP and DuPont Pioneer at the Haworth Showroom on October 20th. Registration for this event is complimentary.

Food for Thought puts a spotlight on the disruption happening across the food value chain in Southern California, and showcases new business models that have changed the way we interact with food, ag and nutrition.

Three Southern California entrepreneurs from diverse sectors of the food industry will come together to discuss LA’s position in the industry, the tough regulations they faced just to get off the ground, and the changing habits of consumers. The discussion will also include an investor’s perspective, and what startups are catching investors’ eyes.

Date: October 20, 2015
Time: 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM (lunch will be served)
Location: Haworth Showroom, 444 S. Flower St. Ste. 4800
Los Angeles, CA 90071 Parking @ 400 S. Flower St. (validation provided)
                 * Registration is complimentary

Meet the panelists

  • Brian Albert – Founder of LA Prep, a full-time production space for whole food producers, the first of its kind in the U.S.
  • Phil Erlanger – Managing Partner of Pontifax Global Food and AgTech Fund
  • Anita Jones-Mueller – President and Founder of, an online nutritionist for folks with dietary restriction who need to find the healthiest thing on the menu for their bodies
  • Nan Kohler – Owner of Grist & Toll, an urban mill dedicated to the milling of specialty flours
  • Rohit Shukla (Moderator) – Founder and CEO of Larta Institute, an LA-based business accelerator specializing in innovations in ag, food, life sciences and technology
  • Roundtable Discussion: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Lunch: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

For information on GAIN please contact
For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Carlos Gutierrez at

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Inform now available. Read the entire digital edition for FREE!

The October issue of Inform magazine is online now, with a full roster of features available for free reading. A number of them are of interest to those in the household and textile cleaning industries. The features of interest include a cover article on membrane cleaning as well as examinations of next-generation cleaning products, biobased solvent replacements, cleaning well without hardness sequestration…and several others. 

Bookmark the link to the current edition for future reference and then follow it to read any or all of these articles (plus many other articles in the back issues).

Monday, September 28, 2015

AOCS Press Celebrates Peer Review Week, September 28-October 2

What is Peer Review Week? It’s a new, informal celebration started by a group from ORCID, Science Open, Sense About Science and Wiley to build the awareness of the value and importance of peer review.

We understand and appreciate how valuable peer reviewers are to our journals and books, so AOCS Press is joining the celebration so we can celebrate you!

If you reviewed for us AOCS 2014, please visit our thank you pages for JAOCS, JSD, and Lipids. We’ll be preparing the new thank you lists for 2015 after the first of the year in 2016. We hope to see your name on our 2015 thank you pages!

To thank you even more, here are a few resources to help with your professional development:

We can also provide you with letters or certificates verifying your review record with our journals.  Contact us at

For more information about Peer Review Week, visit TheScholarly Kitchen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Win a FREE AOCS Membership!

To celebrate the ongoing success of inform|connect*, we are sponsoring a contest, where two lucky winners will receive free AOCS membership for 2016 after completing these two steps:

  •  update your user profile including a picture, and
  •  introduce yourself, post a question, or upload a file to the library

* inform|connect is quickly gaining momentum as the go-to resource for the biobased community, and we hope you are taking full advantage of it! We designed inform|connect to facilitate the exchange of information and provide solutions to real-world challenges. You have the ability to collaborate with like-minded professionals with ease, ask questions, and get solutions.

Please email Amy Lopez with any questions or suggestions.

Save BIG at the the AOCS Press Big Book Sale!

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reduced pricing on newer AOCS Press products! Save BIG with
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inform magazine focuses on POPs, gellants, color measurements, and writing the perfect abstract

Many persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as dioxins and polyaromatic hydrocarbons are lipophilic and so can be found in vegetable oils, animal fats, and oily foods. Conventional analysis of POPs in oily food samples involves laborious extraction and cleanup techniques. This month’s cover feature from Inform, the AOCS magazine, describes a new quick and easy direct solid-phase extraction method for POPs. Also on tap in the September issue: Bio-based polyamide gellants for novel products forms and functionality, color measurement made easy, and mastering the art of the abstract. Read and share this issue and all back issues, open to all, of the digital edition of Inform.

Monday, September 7, 2015

World Congress on Oils and Fats and 31st ISF Lectureship Series

Registration is now open for the World Congress on Oils and Fats and 31st ISF Lectureship Series.
The event will take place this year from October 31st to November 4th at the Metropolitano, the
most important Events and Exhibitions center in the city of Rosario.

The event is being organized by ASAGA together with ISF (International Society for Fats Research)
and LA AOCS (Latin American Section of the American Oil Chemists´ Society).

Over the course of five days, the most prominent specialists, researchers, professionals and
suppliers to the international industry will present all of the advances and scientific-technological
trends related to the sector. There will be spaces for discussion and knowledge transfer, all taking
place within the undisputed global headquarters of oilseed processing.

Find out More: 


Monday, August 24, 2015

25th Canadian Conference on Fats and Oils


Date: October 4- 6, 2015
Location: Hotel Delta Quebec

The joint meeting of the AOCS Canadian Section and CRIBIQ (Consortium for Research and Innovation in Industrial Bioprocesses in Québec) will bridge academic research and industry developments with the objective of creating strong and successful collaborations throughout the value chain of the oil and fats industry. Keynote and oral presentations by renowned speakers, a poster session with dedicated viewing time and a student competition for best presentation will take place. Attendees from AOCS, CAOCS, CRIBIQ and industry will have the opportunity to meet and network with each other at the social events and the small trade show.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

AOCS Press Big Book Sale

Save BIG at the the AOCS Press Big Book Sale!
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Friday, August 7, 2015

SODEOPEC Travel Grants available

We have a travel grant opportunity for you!

Are you a young professional involved in the research, development, or manufacturing of soaps, detergents, and surfactants? You may be eligible to receive a grant to attend SODEOPEC2015.

The Luis Spitz Young Professional Travel Grant has been established to allow dedicated young professionals to be able to attend the SODEOPEC2015 Meeting.

Nature of the Grant:
  • Grant covers a maximum of two awardees for SODEOPEC2015 Meeting.
  • Grant covers all travel expenses up to a maximum of $1,250 per person.
  • In connection with the grant, AOCS will offer a complimentary SODEOPEC2015 conference registration to grant awardees.

Find out application procedures and eligibility requirements online (PDF). Application deadline is August 15, so don't delay!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Issue of Lipids Features Sterol Symposium Papers

Papers from the 2014 Steroid Symposium, "Recent Advances in Sterol Research,” held at the AOCS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, are part of a new topical collection in LipidsThe symposium included the presentation of the seventh G.J. Schroepfer Jr. Award for steroid research to Professor Erwin London, from Stony Brook University, USA, and his award presentation “Using Sterols to Probe the Structure and Define the Function of Membrane Organization” is included in this topical collection. View all symposium papers and additional articles in the August issue of Lipids.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seminar

Register Today for Keller and Heckman's
Defending Your Supply Chain: The Case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Join leading stakeholders in the olive oil industry for this intensive one-day seminar hosted by Keller and Heckman LLP. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to gain the latest information and network with producers, processors, distributors and retailers.

Speakers Include: Maria Reyes, KeHE Distributors; David Neumann, Gaea North America LLC; Richard Cantrill, American Oil Chemists' Society; Alexandra Devarenne, Industry Consultant and Extra Virgin Alliance; Michael Roberts, UCLA Law School; and Paul Miller, Australian Olive Associations.  

  • Click here to register now!
  • Click here to view the agenda.                                   

Seminar Details:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
​A networking breakfast will take place before the seminar from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

The Cornell Club
​6 East 44th Street
New York, NY 10017
Registration Fee:
$495, if you register by August 1; $695, after August 1.
If you are a retailer, your registration fee is $295. Please contact Justine Bedard for more information.
**Inquire about group discounts.

I would like to attend this seminar!

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
CLE credits are available, pending state approval.

For additional information, please contact:

Justine Bedard
Marketing and Events Assistant
Keller and Heckman LLP

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fats and oils ingredient companies promote their PHO replacement solutions during #IFT15

AAK, ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Dow, IOI Loders Croklaan, Palsgaard, and Richardson Oilseed focused their promotional materials and messaging to differentiate their PHO (partially hydrogenated oil) replacement solutions from other exhibitors at the annual meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), held July 11–14, 2015, in Chicago. 

All offered delicious baked goods, but others offered more, including IOI Loders Croklaan, which featured the very clever “No PHO Café,” and Bunge used a truck-length RV to serve up tasty “PHO free” treats. The replacement options included the use of fat blends with oils such as palm or canola; high-oleic oils; and interesterified oils. IFT organized a premeeting short course, “Innovation with Healthier Oils & Grains: Solutions to Meet Changing Policies and Demands,” which featured several AOCS leaders.    

The expo hall was filled with exhibitors promoting bioactive functional ingredients; ingredients for clean labels; and instrumentation to analyze these ingredients, including color measurement. Anton-Paar demonstrated the sturdiness of its refractometer by placing it in a fish tank filled with goldfish! Solazyme offered algal oil sampling, in addition to baked goods.

Although I spent nearly two days visiting with companies and learning about the latest products and technologies that involve fats and oils, I was still unable to visit every booth at #IFT15! Conveniently, IFT is returning to Chicago in 2016, so I can try to cover the entire Expo Hall next year. Enjoy the pictures from #IFT15.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

oils+fats enters the final strait

September 15, 2015—that´s when the doors open on oils+fats, the 'International Trade Fair for Business, Technology and Innovations' at the MOC Veranstaltungscenter in Munich.

A total of 45 exhibitors from 16 countries will be taking part in the show, presenting the latest trends, products and services for the oils and fats industry.

The list of exhibitors at oils+fats 2015 is always available—and always up-to-date—in the  online catalog.

Alongside the presentations by the exhibitors, oils+fats has more to offer. One Example is the Innovation Platform which this year has the motto "Science meets Industry".

All the key information about oils+fats is set out in compact form in the Visitor Guide.

Need a ticket? Then just print out your personal Print@home Ticket now—and save time and money. Some useful tips on travel and accommodation are also available our website.

oils+fats is on LinkedIn. Follow us and keep informed and updated at all times.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Free JSD article focuses on enhanced cleaning under cold-water wash conditions

“A hot topic in sustainability is lowering laundry wash temperatures to reduce energy consumption required for heating water,” notes George Smith, editor-in-chief of AOCS’ Journal of Surfactants and Detergents. However, one of the challenges in cold-water washing is the removal of fats and oils that are solid or semisolid at the wash temperature. New work from David Sabatini and his team at the University of Oklahoma shows how extended chain anionic surfactants, whose behavior correlates well with predictions from the hydrophile-lipophile deviation concept developed by Jean-Louis Salager, can provide enhanced cleaning performance under cold-water wash conditions. Check out this article, available free of charge through August 16, 2015.

For more AOCS journal pick-of-the-months, be sure to subscribe to AOCS' Inform Smartbrief. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

AOCS Newsletter June 2015 Highlights

 Luis Spitz Young Professional Travel Grant
Are you a young professional involved in the research, development, or manufacturing of soaps, detergents, and surfactants? You may be eligible to receive this grant to attend SODEOPEC2015.

Application deadline is August 15. Learn more (.pdf)

Inform Feature Article
As the countdown to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans continues, Inform looks at the issue of saturated fats in the diet. This month’s featured HTML article – “Big fat controversy: changing opinions about saturated fats” – examines the science and presents opinions from leading researchers on the topic.

And don't forget: we are now delivering the entire digital issue free of charge. You can view back issues, share the entire magazine, or clip and share individual articles. The app is available from Apple, Amazon, and Google Play stores by searching “AOCS Inform.”

Lab Proficiency Program
The next enrollment deadline for the 2015-2016 AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP) is August 20 for the October 1 start date. Guarantee accuracy in your laboratory and fulfill your proficiency testing accreditation requirement with the most extensive testing program for oil- and fat-related commodities, oilseeds, oilseed meals, and edible fats. Enroll today!

Contact Dawn Shepard at +1 217-693-4810 with any questions or for more information.

Cannabis Expert Panel
AOCS held a second meeting of the AOCS Cannabis Expert Panel in Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 19. The panel comprised of industry experts is working to develop analytical methods and best practice recommendations to ensure patient safety in the medical marijuana field. For more information contact Cynthia Ludwig.

JAOCS seeks Editor-in-Chief
AOCS seeks candidates for the position of JAOCS Editor-in-Chief (EIC), to succeed outgoing EIC Richard W. Hartel whose term ends in May 2016. Rich has been an excellent leader who has built a strong team of senior associate editors and associate editors. During his editorship he led a successful transition to the journal’s partnership with Springer; the number of annually published articles nearly doubled; and performance indices such as the download factor and impact factor have improved. Please read the position announcement (.pdf) to learn more. Applications are due August 7, 2015. For questions, contact Search Committee co-chairs Eric Decker or Pam White.

AOCS Press and Elsevier Form New Publishing Alliance
AOCS is excited to announce a new co-publishing and distribution agreement with Elsevier. Elsevier will publish and distribute new AOCS Press books, taking advantage of ScienceDirect and other global distribution channels to reach a broader set of researchers in academia, industry, and government. In addition, Elsevier will begin distributing a select set of relevant and/or high-demand titles already published by AOCS Press. The new books will be co-branded under the Academic Press and AOCS Press imprints and published in collections beginning in 2016.

AOCS is now seeking book proposals in all content areas related to fats, oils, surfactants, soaps, and more. Anyone interested in publishing with AOCS is welcome to complete our online book proposal form. If you have any questions, please contact Janet Brown, Director, Content Development or Craig Byrdwell, Books and Special Publications Chair.

Members also benefit through this alliance. In the near future, AOCS members will receive a 30% discount off the list price of co-branded Academic Press and AOCS Press books, as well as a 30% discount off many other science and technology titles from Elsevier. To learn more, view the press release. (.pdf)

Live Webinar: Understanding FDA's Decision on Trans Fats
FDA just released its final determination on the use of partially hydrogenated oils in food. Join us on Thursday, June 25 from 2-2:30pm EST for a closer look at what this means for you and your business.

This FREE webinar is brought to you by AOCS and provides exclusive access to our special guest speaker, Robert A. Hahn, principal pttorney at Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC. Hahn specializes in FDA regulation of food and dietary supplements.

Hahn will explain:
  • The legal basis for FDA’s determination
  • The scope of FDA’s determination
  • Compliance and enforcement issues
Your registration includes a free recording of the webinar. 

AOCS/ASABE/United Soybean Board Webinar Collaboration
Biomimicry Webinar: How Nature Inspires Innovation in Chemistry, Carpet and Classrooms.
June 30, 2015, 4:00 pm EST 

The United Soybean Board, American Society of Biological Engineers and AOCS invite you to join a FREE webinar on Biomimicry: an emerging science that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. It takes engineering lessons from animals, plants, and microbes. Join this webinar that will increase knowledge of biomimicry as well as share real world examples of how biomimicry inspires both carpet innovation and middle school science students.

Learn more about the program, speakers, PDH credit, and how to register.

Upcoming AOCS Meetings 
Australasian Section Biennial Meeting
September 9–11, 2015
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
25th Canadian Conference on Fats and Oils
October 4–6, 2015
Québec City, Québec, Canada
Soaps, Detergents, Oleochemicals, and Personal Care
October 27–30, 2015
Miami, Florida, USA
AOCS Oils and Fats World Market Update 2015
November 12–13, 2015
Dublin, Ireland
Upcoming Industry Meetings 
Industry Event
11th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology
September 13–16, 2015
Alberta, Canada
Industry Event
World Congress on Oils and Fats and the 31st ISF Lectureship Series
October 31–November 4, 2015
Rosario, Argentina
Industry Event
Ag Innovation Showcase
September 14–16, 2015
Missouri, USA
Use code: AIS15MKT for 20% off registration!
Industry Event
62nd SEPAWA Congress and 11th European Detergents Conference
October 14–16, 2015
Fulda, Germany