Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Journal of Surfactants and Detergents Part 3 review article available: Surfactant formulation for enhanced oil recovery

As the year comes to a close, take the time to read this highly-anticipated review, part of series of reviews on how to attain ultralow interfacial tension and three-phase behavior with a surfactant formulation for EOR. Part 3 focuses on the practical procedures to optimize the laboratory research according to the current state of the art in surfactant mixing. Read the review here, and also read highly downloaded Part 1(1,400 downloads and 46 citations) and Part 2 ( 3,100 downloads and 32 citations). The three reviews were led by JSD Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Jean-Louis Salager, and Ana M. Forgiarini from the FIRP Laboratory in Merida, Venezuela. 

Also, read JSD Open Access articles, including the following highly-downloaded articles: