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AOCS Newsletter May 2014 Highlights

Snapshot of the 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo
Thank you to everyone who joined us in San Antonio, Texas, USA, for the 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo. We hope everyone enjoyed the technical sessions, networking events, and scenery of San Antonio!

Extended coverage of the Annual Meeting will appear in the July/August issue of Inform, but here is a quick snapshot:
  • More than 1,500 people attended the meeting, with 45 countries represented 
  • The Expo featured over 71 international companies
  • The 19th Annual AOCS FoundationSilent Auction raised nearly $7,000 for student programs
Don’t forget to check out our Facebook photo galleries.

We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando, Florida, USA next May for the 106th AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases.

Get More Recognition for your Annual Meeting Presentation
Now that you have presented at the AOCS Annual Meeting, submit your research to one of the three AOCS journals and reach thousands of scientists from around the world. Visit to learn more about publishing in the Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society (JAOCS), Lipids, or the Journal of Surfactants and Detergents (JSD).

Inform Free Features
In the first free article from the May issue of Inform, the laboratory director of a leading testing service for medical and non-medical-grade cannabis products describes current laboratory practices and considers the evolving need for uniform methodologies.

In our second free article, "Omics reveals subtle changes in carbon flux that lead to increased oil biosynthesis in oil palm," researchers describe how biochemical changes before, during, and after oil biosynthesis in fruit mesocarp were compared using transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, and how these comparisons yielded clues to increasing palm oil biosynthesis.

Division Council News
Eric (Rick) Theiner, Air Products & Chemicals Inc., USA, was elected the Division Council Chairperson for 2014-2015.

Division officers were installed during the Annual Meeting. You can find the committee listings on their respective Division pages.

AOCS Seeks Candidates for Leadership Positions
Interested in pursuing a leadership position with AOCS? Take a moment to fill out our newly designed Prospective Leadership Questionnaire.

Serving in leadership positions with AOCS is your opportunity to be instrumental in the future direction of the Society. Positions include service on the AOCS Governing Board, AOCS Value Centers, the AOCS Foundation Board, and key committees.

For more information, contact Ben Harrison.

AOCS Biorenewable Resources
Biorenewables, also known as biomass, often form the basis of biobased products like oils, fats, detergents, and surfactants, and can be converted into forms of energy. Learn more about this topic by exploring AOCS books, Methods, and other resources.

Now through June 13, 2014, you can save on featured biorenewable titles. Use promo code BIO when checking out to save 15% and get free shipping on select AOCS Press titles.

AOCS Meeting Updates
Montreux14_97x120World Conference on Fabric and Home Care—Montreux 2014 | October 6–9, 2014 | Montreux, Switzerland
Online registration is open!

--> Register Nowbest rate offered through May 31.
--> Reserve Your Hotel
--> Interested in Exhibiting?


aocs_ccoa 2  
AOCS-CCOA Joint Symposium on Functional Lipids | November 19–20, 2014 | China
Call for Papers!

The organizing committee welcomes you to submit an abstract. The symposium will focus on contaminants in fats and oils, oil quality and remediation, value-added minor components of cereals and oils, and oils from new crops. The technical program will feature invited presentations by leading experts, as well as volunteer oral and poster presentations. For abstract submission guidelines contact Submission deadline is June 1, 2014.

Edible Oil Refining: From the Fundamentals to New Technologies Short Course | November 17–18, 2014 | China
This one and a half day course will address chemistry of oils and fats and every step of unit operations as it relates to soybean, sunflower, corn, palm, and other tropical oils. In addition, attendees are updated on the current status of new developments, technologies, and methods in the edible-oils processing field. For more information contact

Upcoming Industry Meetings
IndustryEventBtn-eNewsILPS Lecithin Short Course 2014 | June 12–13, 2014 | Belgium
World-class experts will present papers on various lecithin sources, production and applications in the University Conference Building, Ghent University. Demonstrations of lecithin emulsion characterization and applications will be organized in the university laboratories.

International Soaps Detergents and Cosmetics Conference | December 7-9, 2014 | India
The International Soaps Detergents & Cosmetics Conference will focus on these rapidly evolving industries in Asia. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for national and International players to share views and resources on sustainability, the dynamic marketplace, emerging technologies and innovations, and environmental and regulatory issues. Learn more.


If you would like to receive the AOCS Newsletter and read it in full you may opt-in here. 


Journal of Surfactants and Detergents seeks Editor-in-Chief

The American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) seeks candidates for the Editor-in-Chief position of the Journal of Surfactants and Detergents (, a peer-reviewed, bimonthly (six issues per year) journal publishing research papers and reviews in the area of surfactants and detergents. Content includes the basic and applied science of petrochemical and oleochemical-based surfactants, the development and performance of surfactants in all applications, as well as the development and manufacturing of detergent ingredients and their formulation into finished products. In the past five years, JSD has grown considerably. It has gone from publishing four times to six times a year and has doubled the number of published articles and performance indices such as the impact factor (1.515) and the download number.

The Editor-in-Chief position requires a motivated individual with experience in the field of surfactants and detergents research who is interested in making a significant contribution to a global society that provides information about fats, oils, and related materials including surfactants and detergents. Strong leadership qualities are a must. According to AOCS policy, the term for this appointment is five years, with an option for one additional term. We are seeking someone to begin this position in January 2015. This is a volunteer position with the only compensation being travel reimbursement to assist in attending a limited number of conferences each year.

The Editor-in-Chief sets direction for the publication while overseeing the paper solicitation process and making final selections for publication. Duties include leading a team of Associate Editors; working with AOCS and the international publisher Springer to define editorial policies; communicating with peer reviewers, prominent international authors, and the AOCS leadership team; attending Society and industry events; and chairing a Journal meeting at the Society’s Annual Meeting & Expo.

For consideration, please submit the following documents by September 1, 2014: letter of intent (please include your interest in and vision for the position), vitae, and any other material that supports your candidacy. Send the documents to Janet Brown ( Finalists will be interviewed in September, and a final decision will be made by November. For further information, please contact Janet Brown, AOCS Director, Content Development (phone: +1 217-693-4897; Fax: +1 217-693-4898; email:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summary of the AM 2014 Session on trans Fat Reduction in Shortening and Oils

Gary List, co-chair of the Edible Applications Technology (EAT) 3 Session, provides a summary of the nine presentations by leaders in the field that focused on innovative technologies for trans fat reduction in shortening and oils. Gary also contributed two chapters in the recent AOCS Press title, Trans Fats Replacement Solutions. In one chapter, List offers specific information on trans fats replacement solutions for frying and baking applications, as well as solutions for shortenings, margarines, and spreads. In his second chapter, List provides an overview of replacement solutions in North America. Both chapters have an extensive list of references.

EAT 3: Innovative Technologies for trans Fat Reduction in Shortening and Oils
2014 AOCS Annual meeting San Antonio, TX
GR List and D. Nakhasi (Co-Chairs)

Over the past decade the industry made substantial progress in providing trans-fat replacements for the food industry in order to meet nutrition labeling requirements mandated by the Food and Drug   Administration. (FDA).  Among these are the reemergence of the trait modified oil industry which now furnish about 20% of domestic oil needs. This has occurred through the efforts of government industrial, and academic scientists over about a 25 year time frame.

The time honored oil processing methods have been modified to provide trans-fat replacements for the baking and food service sectors. Examples include enzymatic interesterfication, modified hydrogenation, fractionation, and blending. By 2005 most foods had been reformulated to meet FDA requirements and by 2012 a substantial number were reduced to 0.2 gms TFA/serving including food groups previously high in trans fats.

However in late 2013 the FDA announced plans to remove partially hydrogenated oils from the generally regarded as safe (GRAS) list. This leaves the future of catalytic hydrogenation as a fat modification tool in serious jeopardy despite a pronounced reduction in use.

Thus it seemed appropriate to review the progress made in trans-fat reduction in shortening and oils. Perhaps the biggest challenge in reducing trans-fats occurred in the baking industry. Roger Daniels described his research as “Form Follows Function”. Since baking shortenings perform many functions trans-fat replacements must perform as well as the product they are replacing.  Studies conducted on trans free palm based and interesterified shortenings confirmed that excellent performance in cookies, cakes and pie crusts were achieved.

Susan Knowlton described the performance of trait modified soybean oils in food applications. Trait modified soy oils have evolved from low linolenic to mid and high oleic lines. Through traditional plant breeding these oils are characterized   by reduced polyunsaturates and increased monounsaturated fatty acids. As such trait modified oils are much more stable than the parent commodity oil.  Trait modified oils serve well in deep fat frying operations. Other applications for trait modified soy oils include spray oils, pan and griddle frying as well as in snack foods.

Dietary fats continue to be of great interest because of potential adverse health and nutritional effects.  Ed Hunter reviewed recent studies on the role of stearic acid in blood lipids. A careful review showed that stearic acid is neutral in elevating LDL levels. This observation shows that the use of interesterified and full hydrogenated fats pose little risk in elevating LDL levels.

Modified hydrogenation represents a possible low-trans option for food use. Neil Higgins showed that the use of chemically modified nickel catalysts coupled with increased pressure and lower temperature resulted in a drastic reduction in trans-fat suitable for baking shortenings.

Although plant breeding has been useful in bringing trait modified oils to commercialization the use of biotechnology in combination with plant breeding has proven to be another option. Jerry Heise described applications of biotechnology for several soybean lines.  A low saturate high oleic oil is a no trans/low saturate (6%) product that performs well in deep fat frying and other food service applications. Omega -3 oils are of great interest because they are precursors to EPA and DHA needed for prostaglandin synthesis. Commodity soy contains about 7-8% omega 3 acids. Through biotechnology an enriched omega -3 oil was developed and in the final stages of commercialization.
Palm /palm kernel oils offer numerous possibilities for trans-fat replacements. Gerry McNeill described the latest in alternatives to hydrogenation through use of tropical oils. Through fractionation, interesterification, hydrogenation and blending tropical fats have proven to be versatile and functional in baking applications.

Algal oils offer a trans free solution as discussed by Risha Bond. A process was described based on fermentation as opposed to open ponds for algae production. The product is available commercially and meets the requirements and composition for an edible oil

Sunflower oil is an old crop that has undergone considerable improvement. Monoj Gupta traced the history and food uses of sunflower oil that culminated with NUSUN through the efforts of USDA Scientists and Archer Daniel Midland. NUSUN is a mid-oleic oil and is highly suitable in frying and snack foods. Other sunflower oils include the high linoleic and high oleic varieties. Supply and the higher costs have been factors in expansion of the sunflower oil industry.

The food service industry is a major user of fats and oils. David Booher described the performance of trait modified canola oil in food service applications. Canola oils commercially available   include low linolenic, high and mid oleic lines. The latter perform well in food service for frying, as spray oils and for pan /griddle use.

Although chemical interesterification is an old fat modification technology, the use of enzymes has only been commercialized in the past 10 years. Tom Tiffany reviewed the applications of the enzyme technology for production of baking fats along with performance data for cookies, cakes, and pies. These products were compared against hydrogenated shortenings and found to compare well.


Have a summary of a session you attended or chaired? Send AOCS an email to and we will post it!

Incoming AOCS President's Address - Steve Hill

The 2013-2014 AOCS President, Steven Hill  (Kraft Foods, Illinois, USAA) gave his 'Incoming Presidents Address' during the AOCS Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon May 5, 2014 in San Antonio Texas.

Thank you AOCS for electing me as your new president of this pre-eminent technical society.

I always wondered what the view looked like from here.  Well, the view is great. Seeing all the familiar faces, it is like looking out at a family reunion.  A REALLY BIG family reunion.  AOCS annual meetings have always been like reunions and what do you do at reunions? You take pictures.

These are some of the first photos of the AOCS annual meeting.  We haven’t been taking group photos like this for years,

but I think now is a good time to reinstate the tradition, and I appoint myself official photographer.

Say cheese!

Before I get into my remarks, I would like to recognize and welcome several in the audience.  To the Fellows and Award Winners – thank you for your contributions to AOCS and to your field of expertise. 

Welcome to all the students – you have a great opportunity at this meeting to expand your network and knowledge base, don’t miss this opportunity. 

Welcome to all the first time meeting attendees, remember everyone has a first time – use this opportunity to explore the many benefits of AOCS and introduce yourself to others – you are at not only a great technical conference, but one of the friendliest meetings you will ever attend.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to my wife Laura and daughter Kelly who is probably the only person here missing a day of high school to attend her first AOCS meeting.

My first annual meeting was 1989.  I was 25 years old in my second year of graduate school. I was at the meeting in Cincinnati to give a presentation, and I was nervous.

I was nervous about presenting on a topic I had only been studying for about 18 months and I knew there would be world class experts in the audience ready to pounce on me with questions.  I made it through my presentation, I did not falter when the questions came, and I began a relationship with many of those experts in lipid oxidation that I still enjoy today…some of you are sitting out there right now.

As a student member I was welcomed into AOCS and the area of science that I was studying; this experience at my first meeting was repeated many times.
The experts I met warmly embraced me and freely gave me their time to answer question and discuss research.  I found this experience was typical of many newer AOCS members.
This example and the many other positive experiences I have had with AOCS over the years has led me to become an engaged member.

I want to spend a few minutes talking about engagement because the meaning for me has changed over the years.

Member Engagement:  A relationship in which the investment of resources (i.e., time and/or money) with the member organization is provided in exchange for value.
Simply put, member engagement is about a mutually beneficial relationship; a relationship between you and AOCS.  It is a continued relationship over time that requires attention, investment and activity from the members to gain value from AOCS.  The fact that you have all chosen to invest your time and money to be here today is strong evidence that you find value in AOCS programs. That’s wonderful.  But the success of AOCS, and its potential value to members is directly proportional to the level of engagement of all of you, its members.
Perhaps my story about engagement is somewhat more than the typical member.  I may now be what you would term an AOCS Ambassador –someone who champions the AOCS mission and gets involved in many aspects of the society.  But that wasn’t always the case.  I originally joined AOCS to become part of the technical research community researching lipid oxidation…something very specific…over time that need diminished, but other needs arose.  I increasingly became aware that for me to be successful in the career I wanted, I needed to become a stronger technical leader.

AOCS had many opportunities for me that I took advantage of over the years:
  • organizing and teaching short courses
  • leading the development of annual meeting programming
  • participating and organizing Division events
  • gaining leadership experience on the Section and Governing Boards where I established many mentoring relationships
  • learning about not-for-profit finances that I can tell you translates into how I run my “for profit” household finances;

I could go on and on…the bottom line is I made specific investments of my time, talent and energy (and personal money) into AOCS that have helped the society and paid a major return to me professionally and personally in ways difficult to quantify, but clearly recognizable.  And all along the way I made some great life-long friends.

It would have been easy for me to drift from AOCS as my professional responsibilities changed over the years.

Maybe another way to understand this is to link my engagement to what I believe.

There is a new song by the country music singer Dierks Bently, called “I hold on to what I believe”.  While Bently writes about a pick-up truck and a guitar, which I admit is very different than AOCS, I know I hold on to what I believe and I believe in AOCS.

I believe in working with others to advance common areas of scientific interest and common industry interests,

I believe in the AOCS Foundation and the new technologies they enable,

I believe in opportunities to give students a forum to develop skills in communication, confidence and courage,

I believe in leadership development,

I have held onto AOCS and remained engaged in AOCS because I believe in AOCS and I hope you do to.

Thank You.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Retiring AOCS President's Address - Tim Kemper

The 2012-2013 AOCS President, Tim Kemper (Desmet Ballestra North America, Georgia, USA) gave his 'Retiring Presidents Address' during the AOCS Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon May 5, 2014 in San Antonio Texas.

Good afternoon. I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to serve as your AOCS president for the past year.  Before passing the gavel along to Steve Hill, I would like to share with you some
insight into AOCS leadership.

AOCS staff is directed on a continuous basis by our CEO, Pat Donnelly, to fulfill the strategic plan of the governing board.  The governing board is led by the elected president. Working closely with the president is an executive committee consisting of the past president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The executive committee meets with the CEO and key staff on a monthly basis via teleconference to follow up on execution of strategic objectives.

This slide shows the dashboard we use to track our strategic progress.

The full governing board meets in person with the CEO and key staff in the Spring and Fall, and by teleconference in the Winter to make key decisions for the society’s future. The full governing board is responsible for continuously developing and updating the vision and strategic plan that leads to each year’s strategic objectives that the CEO and AOCS staff execute upon.

To continuously advance the vision and strategy, the governing board is broken into four working groups that meet on their own on a regular basis.

These working groups consist of strategic planning, constituent relations, board operations and financial tracking. Each is responsible for a specific aspect of AOCS strategy going forward.

As governing board member’s terms expire, we are in need of fresh talent to repopulate the governing board, and specifically to repopulate the four working groups.  For this talent, we look to the membership. With around 4000 members, we have a large talent pool with people who certainly have the needed skills and experience to fill our needs in strategic planning, constituent relations, board operations or financial tracking.

Each year our Nominations and Elections Committee needs to look at which specific positions will expire on the governing board, and determine which people in our membership’s talent pool can best fit those specific needs.  These candidates are then presented to the governing board each Fall as the proposed best slate to continue advancing the vision and strategic direction of AOCS.

The Nominations and Elections Committee’s task of selecting which candidate can best fill a specific leadership position requires that sufficient and comparable data is made available for all of the prospective candidates. In the past, this data collection on candidates was done in a rather ad hoc manner, making the task of the Nominations and Elections Committee very difficult.

As such, the board operations working group developed a new tool for this data collection, and the interface for collecting this data is through the AOCS Website. The data collected is intended to be used for selecting potential candidates for governing board, along with all other AOCS leadership positions.

From the AOCS home page, select “Resources”.

Then select “Volunteer”.

As the web page says, “YOU CAN help drive the future of our industry.  YOU hold the power to influence what your peers will read and hear. The following resources give information on how to put your knowledge on display. We hope you are inspired to get involved and make a difference!”

To get started, just select the “questionnaire” hyperlink.

As you can see, the questionnaire is quite simple.

It asks for contact information, experience & interest, professional affiliations, CV or resume, and professional references. Under the experience & interest information, depending upon what you check, there is a menu that allows you to further elaborate.

When finished, simply select the “Submit the questionnaire” button at the bottom.

In order to find the many talented people within the AOCS membership that can lead us to a bright future, it all starts with your filling out this simple questionnaire.  I request that any of you that have an interest in leadership of the society, don’t wait, please fill out this questionnaire at your first opportunity.

Yes, leadership positions at AOCS do require your precious time. Like all of you, my plate is full before any AOCS work is added on top.

Nonetheless, if you are passionate about oils, fats, surfactants and related products as I am, please give serious consideration to stepping up by filling out the questionnaire and providing the Nominations and Elections Committee with more talent to choose from.

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to serve as your president during the 2013/2014 term!


Annual Meeting Wrap Up

Thank you for attending the 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo. We appreciate those who attended the meeting and we hope you enjoyed your visit to San Antonio.

Please visit Facebook ( to see photos from the 2014 meeting.


We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando, Florida, USA May 3-6, for the 106th AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases.


Monday, May 5, 2014

AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo Tuesday May 6, 2014

Tuesday is a day to learn and honor! We have numerous technical sessions including the conclusion of our Special Session on trans Fat. We then have our Awards Plenary Session as well as the Gold Circle Awards Reception where you can meet and congratulate our Awards Winners (please look for this signs that will point the way!).

 -Tuesday, May 6-
Tuesday, May 6 - Afternoon
Innovative Technologies for trans Fat Reduction in Shortening and Oils
Chairs: D. Nakhasi, Bunge Oils Inc., USA and G. List, Retired, Consultant, USA.

Awards Plenary Session 
11:00-12:15 103B

Gold Circle Awards Reception
 5:00–6:30 pm Hall A

AM Quick Links
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AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo Monday May 5, 2014

Monday is a busy day at the 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo! 

Start your day with The Forum on Emerging Technologies or a Special Session.Then join us for the AOCS Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon which will feature a special performance. (Note: you must have a ticket for lunch). Following the business meeting dessert will be served in the Expo Hall-join us for a 'Sweet Retreat'!

 -Monday, May 5-

 The Forum on Emerging Technologies

Special Sessions
  • Professional Educators’ Common Interest Group; Lipid Communication Strategies to Various Audiences
  • Student and Young Professionals’ Common Interest Group; Progression of Your Early Career
  • trans Fat: Industry Update; Implications of FDA's Preliminary Determination Regarding Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs)

Networking Events

AOCS Annual Business Meeting/Luncheon
Monday, May 5, 11:30 am–1:00 pm

Expo Sweet Retreat
Monday, May 5, 1:00–1:45 pm

AOCS Career Fair
Monday, May 5, 1:00–1:55 pm and
5:00–6:00 pm

Expo Networking Reception
Monday, May 5, 5:00–6:30 pm
Dedicated Poster Viewing, 5:30–6:30 pm

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hungry in San Antonio? Tips from a local!

Brenda Hoffman not only makes sure the Expo runs smoothly at the AOCS Annual Meeting she also promotes San Antonio as an official tourism ambassador! Brenda share this tip with AOCS...

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the pizza at Big Lou’s Pizza!

You can get the largest size pizza at  42” diameter but bring your appetite as it is not only large but delicious.  (order in advance please so it is ready when you get there) otherwise the other standard sizes can be ordered when you arrive.   Have a great time relaxing with family, friends and colleagues at Big Lou’s!

2048 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222

(210) 337-0707  about 10 minutes east of downtown San Antonio.

Hours of Operation:
Monday — Closed
Tues–Thur — 11am–10pm
Fri–Sat — 11am–12am
Sunday — 12pm–10pm

 Thanks Brenda for the tip! Hope y'all are enjoying San Antonio!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo Sunday, May 4, 2014

Welcome to the 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo!

We will be posting a general summary of activities for the preceding day every evening.  For more specific information, please refer to your printed program or the Annual Meeting website. You can access a mobile version of the website at

-Sunday May 4, 2014- 

Come join the fun and activity in Hall A!

Registration 10:00 am 7:30 pm
AOCS Pavilion 10:00 am 7:30 pm
*San Antonio City Tour 1:00 pm 4:00 pm
Newcomer Speed Networking 4:30 pm 5:30 pm
Expo 2014 5:30 pm 7:30 pm
President's Welcome Reception 5:30 pm 7:00 pm
Poster Viewing 5:30 pm 7:30 pm
Young Professionals' Reception 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

AOCS Foundation Silent Auction Preview

If you like helping others and also love to shop we hope you will join us for the 19th Annual AOCS Foundation Silent Auction which will be held at the 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.

The auction opens Sunday, May 4th at 1:00 pm in the Expo Hall. Proceeds fund the AOCS Foundation, specifically,  the AOCS Honored Student Award.

With more than 120 items, it was difficult to decide which to preview so I went for variety:

Modeling the golf bag and accessories donated by Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) is Benjamin Harrison. This is Ben's first time managing the Silent Auction so let's give him a big welcome by bidding. He is still looking for donations as well, so be sure to hit him up with  items or cash donations so he can have loads of neat items to sell us!

Golf Bag & Accessories & Ben!
We also have plenty for the technology geeks aficionados. Jeff and Claire Newman have donated a Sony Personal Audio System as well as an IPhone 5 Dock. Crown Iron Works generously donated 2 (!) Action Sports Cameras
IPhone 5 Dock & Action Sports Camera
For the foodies we have 2 Cutco Knife sets (donated by Bunge North America) AND

Cuto Knife Set

fresh lobsters from Woodex-Memco!

Lobsters! Delivered to you!
 Ed Campbell donated several Native American pieces. Each are hand crafted works of art.

AOCS's own Connie Hilson has yet again donated artwork. Our picture does not do this one justice!

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Important AOCS Annual Meeting Details

The 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is only a few days away. We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming week of sharing knowledge, networking, and of course fun in San Antonio! Here are a few important details to help prepare you for your trip.

Delegate Resources
Visit AOCS Annual Meeting Delegate Resources (Your password was sent in an email from AOCS) and make the most of your time at the Annual Meeting!
  • Download and print abstracts.  (In a responsible effort to encourage sustainability, the abstracts will be available electronically only.)
  • Create your itinerary
  • Review registration list and begin networking now!

Connect with Your Mobile Device
The Annual Meeting is literally at your fingertips! Visit the mobile site, for access to:
  • Schedules & Events
  • Program
  • Expo 2014
  • Hotels & Travel
  • Short Courses
  • Contact Information

Conference Attire
The attire is business or business casual for all meeting events.  Relaxed casual is acceptable for the optional city tour.  Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes!

Emergency Contact
We encourage all attendees to provide emergency contact information to AOCS. This will help AOCS staff or medical personnel in the event of an emergency during the meeting.
  • You may edit your profile in the AOCS records. Login to the AOCS website and select ‘Emergency Contacts’ in the communication section. Please note that this information will only be used in an emergency situation.  If you do not recall your login details, please contact Doreen Berning at
  • At the meeting, you may complete the reverse side of your name badge with your emergency contact Information.

San Antonio Forecast (as of Monday, April 28)

Sunday, May 4                        Sunny
                                                High 93° F / 34° C
                                                Low 64° F / 18° C
Monday, May 5                      Partly Cloudy
                                                High 94° F / 34° C
                                                Low 67° F / 19° C
Tuesday, May 6                      Partly Cloudy
                                                High 92° F / 33° C
                                                Low 69° F / 21° C
Wednesday, May 7                Partly Cloudy
                                                High 89° F / 32° C
                                                Low 71° F / 22° C
Watch the Blog for Important Information
  I will be posting the day's events, links as well as contests and promotions. Any important updates regarding the AOCS Annual Meeting will be posted on the AOCS blog so please check back!
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See y’all in San Antonio!