Friday, November 30, 2012

News and Notes for Friday November 30, 2012

US Senate votes 62-37 to back military aviation biofuels
n Washington, the US Senate voted 62-37 in favor of an amendment offered by Senator Mark Udall of Colorado to repeal section 313 of the annual Defense appropriations bill. Section 313 language, which was offered by Senator Inhofe and adopted in Committee, prohibits DOD from procuring alternative fuels if they cost more than their conventional counterparts. Read more from Biofuels Digest.

GM Study Declared Unsound
A controversial study that suggested genetically modified (GM) maize causes cancer in rats is dismissed by the European Food Safety Authority. Read more from The Scientist.

Syngenta licenses Enogen to Kansas’ Bonanza BioEnergy
Syngenta in North America announced it has signed a commercial agreement with a Kansas ethanol plant to use grain featuring Enogen® trait technology in 2013. Enogen® trait technology allows corn to express a robust form of alpha amylase enzyme, the primary enzyme used in dry grind ethanol production to convert starch to sugars. Read more at Biofuels Digest.

Analysis of conflicting fish oil studies finds that omega-3 fatty acids still matter
Literally hundreds of clinical trials, including some that have gained widespread attention, have been done on the possible benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for the prevention of heart disease – producing conflicting results, varied claims, and frustrated consumers unsure what to believe. Read more form Medical Xpress.

Technologies to Deliver a Hygienic Refreshment of Clothes & Garments - RFP REQUEST
NineSigma, representing a consumer products company, invites proposals for technologies that can deliver a hygienic refreshment of clothing and garments by killing bacteria and removing unwanted smells, without using chemicals or other non-durable goods. Find out more.

Best of the Blogs

The Scholarly Kitchen discusses the difficulty scientists and policy makers have in
calculating the return on investment (ROI) for science funding. Read 'Metrics and Meaning — Can We Find Relevance and Quality Without Measurements?'

Abstract Alerts

Ultrasound-assisted matrix solid-phase dispersive liquid extraction for the determination of intermediates in hair dyes with ion chromatography
Zhixiong Zhonga, Yanhong Wuc, Zhibin Luoa, Binghui Zhua. Analytica Chimica Acta. Volume 752, 8 November 2012, Pages 53–61. Read the abstract.

Biogas from Macroalgae: is it time to revisit the idea?
Hughes AD, Kelly MS, Black KD, Stanley MS . Biotechnology for Biofuels 2012, 5:86 (27 November 2012). Read the abstract.

Uptake of α-Linolenic Acid and Its Conversion to Long Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Rats Fed Microemulsions of Linseed Oil  
D. Sugasini, B. R. Lokesh. Lipids. December 2012, Volume 47, Issue 12, pp 1155-1167. Read the abstract.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

His other videos on the AOCS Youtube channel

Has it really been 2 months since my last post to the AOCS blog? Sure hope you haven’t missed reading or hearing what AOCS members are saying about AOCS. But I’m back now, rested after a nice 4 day holiday, and ready to promote AOCS.

Just this week the Professional Educators’ Common Interest Group (PE CIG) distributed its digital newsletter. And as I was reading through the articles, about their plans for the upcoming AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo, they mention “Anyone whom caught Dr. Eskin’s rap… will appreciate that (poster) submissions can be in various formats.” It had been awhile since I viewed Dr. Eskin’s rap and this newsletter prompted me to go to YouTube (channel: aocs1909) to view it yet again. If you haven’t seen his rap, I encourage you to do so now. I’ll wait for you to come back to finish reading this blog post.

Perhaps some of you remember Dr. Eskin’s musical performance at the 100th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo? And, there is a rumor that Dr. Eskin has another rap in the making and will debut at the 104th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.

For his latest video, Dr. Eskin took a few moments to talk about his AOCS experience.  How he was encouraged to join by Dr. Tim Mounts, how he had a great mentor in Dr. Tom Smouse, and how new researchers have a great advantage with AOCS. Why? Hear why from Dr. Eskin by viewing his other video on the AOCS YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed viewing Dr. Eskin’s videos. And next time you need a break from culling through large amounts of data (which reminds me – I need to review that membership survey data), or writing progress reports, go to the AOCS YouTube account. You’ll find a wide variety of videos (from book promotion, health benefits of Vitamin D, member testimonials, AOCS Year in review, and a rap) which are all work related.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Webinars-Algae Sustainability and Green Chemistry

AOCS has been notified of two great webinars that we would like to share with our readers. The NRC's Webinar on the Algae Sustainability Report  is today (!) Nov. 27 at 1:00pm EST  and the ACS Webinar "Rational Design of Safer Chemicals" is December 6, 2012 2-3pm EDT. Both appear to be free!

Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels in the United States: A discussion of the recently released NRC report 

Date and time:Tuesday, November 27, 2012 1:00 pm EST
Panelist(s) Info: Jennie Hunter-Cevera (Chair), Mark Jones
Duration: 1 hour
Register for the Webinar

ACS Business & Innovation Channel: Green Chemistry Series " Rational Design of Safer Chemicals"

Date and time: December 6, 2012 2-3pm ET
Panelist(s) Info: Dr. Julie Beth Zimmerman, Joseph Fortunak, PhD
Duration: 1 hour
Register for the ACS Webinar

Green Chemistry involves more than reduce, reuse & recycle, it can mean using better designed products that are less toxic and more sustainable.  Join Dr. Julie Zimmerman as she explains how rational design can create the next generation of molecules. Find out more about this webinar 

Monday, November 26, 2012

News and Notes for Monday November 26, 2012

BASF redoubles efforts to become fatty acid leader
The world's largest chemical group, BASF of Germany, has set its sights on a Norwegian company specializing in the output of fatty acids.  BASF announced it is aiming to become the world's leader in the production of fish oil-derived fatty omega 3 acids. Read more from Deutsche Welle.

Spain Predicts 58% Slump in Olive-Oil Output, Cuts Corn Outlook
Spain’s Agriculture Ministry forecast a 58 percent plunge in olive-oil production this year, predicted lower wine output and cut its outlook for corn. Read the News Release at Bloomberg.

Butternut squash pectin shows promise as a food additive
Pectin extracted from by-products of processing of vegetables like butternut and beetroot show promise for stabilizing emulsions and could offer interesting new ingredients for emulsion-based foods. Read more from Food Navigator.

Natural cosmetics: Distribution is key to success in a slowing European market
According to Organic Monitor, the European natural and organic personal care products market should record single-digit growth this year, for the first time over the last decade. The latest research of the London-based company shows the growth rate has dropped from double-digits because of the “debt crisis” impacting retailers and consumer expenditure. Read more from Premium Beauty News.

ADM Employees Donate 111 Metric Tons of Food to Those in Need
In recognition of World Food Day, employees of Archer Daniels Midland Company donated the equivalent of more than 245,453 pounds (111 metric tons) of food to help those in need in ADM communities. Donations were made in 29 communities in six different countries. Read more from Soyatech.

Mass spectrometer will help researchers improve lipid analysis
A Kansas State University professor's research analyzing lipids is helping scientists around the world understand plant responses and develop better crops that can withstand environmental stress. To support her collaborative work, Ruth Welti, university distinguished professor of biology, recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation program. The grant--with matching funds from the university--will be used to purchase the most advanced mass spectrometer for the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center, which Welti directs. Read more from the High Plains Journal.

Abstract Alerts

Advances in analytical methods to study cholesterol metabolism: the determination of serum noncholesterol sterols
Isabel Andrade,Lèlita Santos,Fernando Ramos. Biomed. Chromatogr.. doi: 10.1002/bmc.2840. Article first published online: 20 NOV 2012. Read the abstract.

Co-hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for microbial lipid accumulation.
Ruan Z, Zanotti M, Zhong Y, Liao W, Ducey C, Liu Y. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2012 Nov 1. Read the abstract.

Friday, November 23, 2012

News and Notes for Friday November 23, 2012

Solazyme to Expand Renewable-Oil Production With Bunge, ADM
Solazyme Inc., which makes oil products from sugar-consuming algae, will expand production capacity through partnerships with Bunge Ltd.and Archer- Daniels-Midland Co. Read more from Bloomberg.

DuPont Pioneer, Cargill Announce 2013 Plenish® High Oleic Soy IP Contract Program
DuPont Pioneer and Cargill announced today they will work with farmers near Cargill's facility in Sidney, Ohio, to grow Plenish® high oleic soybeans in 2013.   Read the News Release.

FTC's 2012 Report Concludes U.S. Ethanol Market Remains Unconcentrated
The market for fuel ethanol in the United States remains unconcentrated, with 154 firms nationwide either producing ethanol or likely to be in production in the next 12 to 18 months, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2012 report on the state of U.S. ethanol production.  Read the News Release and the 2012 FTC Report on Ethanol Market Concentration (.pdf).

Federal Procurement of Biobased Products: New Proposed BioPreferred Regulation to Expand
The USDA has issued a Final Rule that "... adds 12 sections [Agricultural spray adjuvants; Animal cleaning products; Deodorants; Dethatcher products; Fuel conditioners; Leather, vinyl, and rubber care products; Lotions and moisturizers; Shaving products; Specialty precision cleaners and solvents; Sun care products; Wastewater systems coatings; Water clarifying agents] to designate product categories within which biobased products will be afforded Federal procurement preference."   Read the News release.

CTPA reiterates cosmetics safety
Despite media reports implying that some natural alternatives to ingredients used in personal care products are safer, the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association has once again spoken out about cosmetics safety. Read more from Cosmetics Design Europe.

Ingredient Investigation: Soy and Vitamin C
Soy and vitamin C have been longstanding key ingredients in skin care products. Linda Walker, author of The Skin Care Ingredient Handbook, discusses the benefits of vitamin C and debunks the controversy surrounding soy.  Read more from

Spain Announces 6-Month Program to Monitor Olive Oil Quality
Designed to verify olive oil quality and product traceability, the campaign will cover olive oil mills, bottling companies, refineries and distribution centers. Read more from the Olive Oil Times.

Anti-Obesity Agents for Food - RFP REQUEST
A global food manufacturer invites proposals for food materials that have an anti-obesity effect, in order to create supplements or food additives that enable weight loss.  Find out more about this RFP request.

Eliminate or reduce the use of water in washing machines - RFP REQUEST
A global developer and manufacturer of washing machines invites proposals for new technologies or approaches to eliminate or significantly reduce the use of water in devices for cleaning clothing. Find out more about this RFP Request.

Abstract Alerts

Feeding Healthy Beagles Medium-Chain Triglycerides, Fish Oil, and Carnitine Offsets Age-Related Changes in Serum Fatty Acids and Carnitine Metabolites
Jean A. Hall1, Dennis E. Jewell. (2012). PLoS ONE 7(11): e49510.  Read the abstract.

Evaluation of the bioconversion of genetically modified switchgrass using simultaneous saccharification and fermentation and a consolidated bioprocessing approach
Yee KL, Rodriguez M, Tschaplinski TJ, Engle NL, Martin MZ, Fu C, Wang Z, Hamilton-Brehm SD, Mielenz JR . Biotechnology for Biofuels 2012, 5:81 (12 November 2012). Read the abstract.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AOCS Newsletter Highlights -November 2012

Inaugural Singapore Conference a Success
AOCS thanks everyone who joined us for the World Conference on Fabric and Home Care in Singapore last month. Singapore 2012 provided perspectives on the technology, products, and business trends of the global fabric and home care business.

Singapore 2012 Snapshot:
  •     More than 600 people attended, with 36 countries represented
  •     The Exhibition highlighted 26 companies from across the globe
  •     The conference featured 16 oral presentations and 9 poster presentations
  •     More than 25 attendees joined AOCS as members
Attendees were sent an electronic survey about the conference. Please take the time to complete it; your feedback helps AOCS as we plan future conferences.

We look forward to seeing you at Montreux 2014, October 6-9, 2014.

inform Free Feature
The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, which was signed into law in 2011, represents the most significant change to the US patent system since 1952.

Find out how these changes could affect you in this month’s free article from inform, the AOCS member magazine.

Award Nominations Due Soon
Do you know someone who should be recognized for their contributions to the fats, oils, and related materials industries?
Visit the Awards Program website for deadlines, nomination requirements, and applications.

December 1:
Extended! December 1:

AOCS Technical Services Workshop: Laboratory Methods
This inaugural AOCS Technical Services workshop, taking place July 16-17, 2013, includes educational sessions designed for lab technicians.

Technical program topics include:
  • Regulatory updates
  • Method troubleshooting for food, feed, and biofuel
  • Emerging pollutants
  • Quality control and accreditation needs/requirements
  • Publishing methods with AOCS
Exhibitors—reserve your bench space today, contact:
Watch for registration to open in February 2013.

Preorder and Save
Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Oils, Fats, and Waxes, 3rd Edition
David Firestone, Editor
List: $150
AOCS Member: $120
Reserve your copy by December 10, 2012 and pay only $99! (plus shipping) 
Contact AOCS Orders Department at
+1 217-693-4803 or and mention promo code 12RPCC.

Monday, November 19, 2012

News and Notes for Monday November 19, 2012

Gene discovery turns soldier beetle defense into biotech opportunity
The Soldier beetle is the first animal found to produce the exotic fatty acid dihydromatriciaria (DHMA). New antibiotic and anti-cancer chemicals may one day be synthesized using biotechnology, following this discovery. Read more from

'Fat Tax' in Denmark Is Repealed After Criticism
Citing a harmful effect on businesses and consumer buying power, lawmakers in Denmark have repealed the so-called fat tax, which was charged on foods high in saturated fats, after just one year.Read more from the New York Times.

Palm oil production in Nigeria and Ghana to increase on back of demand for personal care products
Growing demand for personal care products in Ghana and Nigeria is triggering increased demand by local manufacturers for crude palm oil, according to a new report from market research company Frost & Sullivan. Read more from Cosmetics Design Europe.

Triclosan in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Can Increase Allergy Risk
Triclosan -- an antibacterial chemical found in toothpaste and other products -- can contribute to an increased risk of allergy development in children. This comes from the Norwegian Environment and Childhood Asthma Study, in which the Norwegian Institute of Public Health is involved. Similar results are reported in the USA. Read more from ScienceDaily.

Oil Crops Outlook  
The USDA Economic Research Service has released its latest monthly report which "... examines supply, use, prices, and trade for oil crops (primarily soybeans and products), including supply and demand prospects in major importing and exporting countries. Includes information on cottonseed, peanuts, sunflowerseed, tropical oils, corn oil, and animal fats ..."  Read the report (PDF).

CFS announces study findings on 3-MCPD fatty acid esters in local food
The fatty acid esters of 3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) in food are unlikely to have major toxic effects on local consumers, according to the findings of a study conducted by the Centre for Food Safety (CFS). Read the News Release.

Global Food Prices are on Average Eight Percent Lower
According to the latest UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Food Price Index which notes that the decline was "... largely due to lower international prices of cereals and oils and fats, which more than offset increases in dairy and sugar prices ..." - FAO also released its biannual "Food Outlook" which noted that "... global expenditure on food imports was forecast at $1.14 trillion in 2012, 10 percent lower than last year's record level .
Read the FAO News Release.
FAO Food Price Index
"FAO Food Outlook - Global Market Analysis" (PDF)

Argentina, Indonesia face EU biodiesel dumping investigation
The European Union has begun investigating accusations that Argentina and Indonesia are dumping biodiesel in Europe, undercutting local companies which face falling output and bankruptcies.
Read more from Reuters.

Abstract Alerts

Scientific Opinion on application (EFSA-GMO-NL-2010-78) for the placing on the market of herbicide-tolerant, increased oleic acid genetically modified soybean MON 87705 for food and feed uses, import and processing under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 from Monsanto
EFSA Journal 2012;10(10):2909 [34 pp.] Read the abstract or download the article (PDF).

Effect of Antioxidants on the Lipid Oxidation and Flavor of Microwave-assistant Dried Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) Slices
Xiangjin Fu, Zhonghai Li, Qinglu Lin, Shiying Xu. Journal of Food Research.  Vol 1, No 4 (2012). Read the abstract or download the full-text (PDF).

Evaluation of flavonoids and diverse antioxidant activities of Sonchus arvensis
Khan RA. Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6:126 (29 October 2012). Read the abstract or download the provisional paper (PDF).

Qualitative screening for adulterants in weight-loss supplements by ion mobility spectrometry
Jamie D. Dunn, Connie M. Gryniewicz-Ruzicka, Daniel J. Mans, Laura C. Mecker-Pogue, John F. Kauffman, Benjamin J. Westenberger, Lucinda F. Buhse. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. Volume 71, December 2012, Pages 18–26. Read the abstract.

Monday, November 12, 2012

News and Notes for Monday November 12, 2012

France proposes 'Nutella tax' on palm oil
A looming "Nutella tax" in France that would raise taxes on palm oil by 300 percent . Read more from the New York Daily News or read the News Release from Reuters.

New Methods for Protein Hydrolysis - RFP Request
NineSigma, representing a major food products manufacturer, is seeking development partners for highly efficient manufacturing methods for protein hydrolysates without the use of liquid acid or alkali catalysts. Read the RFP (.pdf)

Global metabolomic initiative announced
Investigators at Washington University and The Scripps Research Institute have announced the launch of a "Global Metabolomic Initiative" to facilitate meta-analyses on studies of the metabolism of bacteria, yeast, plants, animals and people. Read more from Medical Express.

Nano-based technology to lengthen shelf-life
Nanotechnology and other novel technologies will be more widely adopted as ways of extending the shelf-life of food and drink products in the future. Read more from

CFS announces study findings on 3-MCPD fatty acid esters in local food
The fatty acid esters of 3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) in food are unlikely to have major toxic effects on local consumers, according to the findings of a study conducted by the Centre for Food Safety (CFS). Read the News Release.

Abstract Alerts

Rheology of poly(acrylic acid) – A model study

Yuchen Wang , Richard Arthur Pethrick , Nicholas E Hudson , and Carl J Schaschke. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., Just Accepted Manuscript. Publication Date (Web): November 8, 2012. Read the abstract.

Safety and efficacy of personal care products containing colloidal oatmeal
Criquet M, Roure R, Dayan L, Nollent V, Bertin C. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. Published Date November 2012 Volume 2012:5 Pages 183 - 193. Read the abstract.

Sunflower-oil-based lecithin organogels as matrices for controlled drug delivery
D. Satapathy, D. Biswas, B. Behera, S. S. Sagiri, K. Pal, K. Pramanik. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Article first published online: 9 NOV 2012. Read the abstract.

Polymers containing phosphorus groups and polyethers: from synthesis to application
Iliescu S, Zubizarreta L, Plesu N, Macarie L, Popa A, Ilia G .Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6:132 (8 November 2012). Read the abstract.

Friday, November 9, 2012

World Conference on Fabric and Home Care (Singapore 2012) Wrap Up

The premier of Singapore 2012 World Conference on Fabric and Home Care was a great success. Thank you to those who attended! This global conference focused on driving innovation, enhancing performance, and maximizing sustainability in the fabric and home care industry.

Read the tweets

See photos on Facebook

The Numbers-World Conference on Fabric and Home Care 2012:
• Attendance: 600
• Countries Represented: 36
• Oral Presentations: 16
• Poster Presentations: 9
• Over 25 attendees joined AOCS as a member

Save the date, the conference series will continue in Montreux, 6-9 October 2014.

News and Notes for Friday November 9, 2012

Unilever Cuts Palm Oil Use in Food Products; Overall Consumption Steady
Netherlands-based consumer product giant Unilever (UN) has reduced the use of palm oil in its food products but is using more of the oil in its non-food products, so overall consumption has remained flat in recent years Read more from Fox Business.

New GRAS Database Increases Transparency
A new database of self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) determinations has been launched to tackle concerns about a lack of transparency in the process. Read more from Food Navigator.

EU Action Plan for Olive Oil Inching Forward
A minimum number of tests on olive oil authenticity would have to conducted each year in the European Union under proposed anti-fraud measures before a European Commission committee. Read more from the Olive Oil Times

Biofuel breakthrough: Quick cook method turns algae into oil (w/ Video) 
It looks like Mother Nature was wasting her time with a multimillion-year process to produce crude oil. Michigan Engineering researchers can "pressure-cook" algae for as little as a minute and transform an unprecedented 65 percent of the green slime into biocrude. Read more at

Neste Oil adds NExBTL renewable naphtha suitable for producing bioplastics to its corporate customer product range
Neste Oil - the world's largest producer of renewable diesel - has launched the commercial production and sales of renewable naphtha for corporate customers. NExBTL renewable naphtha can be used as a feedstock for producing bioplastics, for example, and as a biocomponent for gasoline. Read the News release.

Mineral oil: a need for more data
Concerns arise over the potential migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons into food from recycled paperboard packaging. What can we do as an industry to address the issue? Read more from Packaging World.

Abstract Alerts

Bioenergy grass feedstock: current options and prospects for trait improvement using emerging genetic, genomic, and systems biology toolkits
Feltus FA, Vandenbrink JP . Biotechnology for Biofuels 2012, 5:80 (2 November 2012). Read the abstract.

Membrane-perturbing effect of fatty acids and lysolipids
Ahmad Arouri, Ole G. Mouritsen. Progress in Lipid Research. Available online 29 October 2012. Read the abstract.

Decreased Plasma Cholesterol Concentrations After PUFA-Rich Diets are not Due to Reduced Cholesterol Absorption/Synthesis
Vanu R. Ramprasath, Peter J. H. Jones, Donna D. Buckley, Laura A. Woollett and James E. Heubi. Lipids.Volume 47, Number 11 (2012), 1063-1071. Read the abstract.

Biocatalytic Conversion of Coconut Oil to Natural Flavor Esters Optimized with Response Surface Methodology
Jingcan Sun, Jin Hua Chin, Weibiao Zhou, Bin Yu, Philip Curran and Shao-Quan Liu.  Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. Volume 89, Number 11 (2012), 1991-1998. Read the abstract.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UPDATED-Controversy on Proposition 37- GMO Labelling

California Voters have Defeated Proposition 37, a November 6, 2012 voter ballot initiative that would have required " ... labeling on raw or processed food offered for sale to consumers if made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways..."

Details of the vote are posted on the home page of California Secretary of State.


Today  (November 6th, 2012) California voters will vote on Proposition 37, which would require labeled identification of genetically engineered or modified ingredients and foods. 

Yesterday, Food Seminars International (FSI) presented "Food Fight: Are GMO's "Alright" or "Frankenfood"? " where Alexis Baden-Mayer (a Consumer Activist ) and Thomas P. Redick (Global Environmental Ethics Counsel) debated the GMO labeling issue. You can view the webinar recording here.

Find all news stories related to Proposition 37 here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

News and Notes for Monday November 5, 2012

SG Biofuels expands jatropha platform; confirms $99 per barrel crude jatropha oil
SG Biofuels announced that it has expanded its global network of hybrid trial and agronomic research sites and has achieved costs of $99 per barrel or less across three continents. By comparison, the Brent crude price is averaging $113.02 per barrel this month, according to Read more from Biofuels Digest.

Archer Daniels Earnings Beat On Oilseed Performance
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) reported first-quarter earnings above Wall Street estimates Tuesday due to a higher than expected profit at its oilseeds processing unit. Read more at IBD. 

Study Shows Americans Seeking Biobased Products
Seventy percent of Americans say they shop for "green" products on a regular basis. That number is up 10 percent in the last three years. As the evolution of green products is occurring, new certifications and labels are being introduced. One such certification is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label, an initiative of the BioPreferred Program. Read more from IBTimes.

Food Manufacturers Seeking Stable, Healthy Oils
With public attention focused on health, food processors have been seeking healthy oil formulations with an eye toward stability.One of the newer products in this category is high-oleic acid canola oil, which joins palm oil as a growing industry favorite.  Read more from Food Processing.

SDA omega-3: The future of trans-fat-free margarine?
Stearidonic acid (SDA) soybean oil may offer a trans-fat-free base for margarine, while simultaneously boosting omega-3 intakes, suggests new data. Read more from Food Navigator.

Agency seeks contractors for sampling and analyses
The U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA) is inviting tenders for the sampling of food at retail and analyses of inorganic, organic environmental and process contaminants. Find out more.

Requests for Proposals

Measuring Cleanliness, Dryness and Brilliancy of Goods inside a Dishwasher-RFP Request
NineSigma, representing a consumer goods company, invites proposals for technologies that can determine how well a dishwasher is performing by measuring cleanliness, dryness and brilliancy of goods.  View the Request for Proposal (.pdf)

Partners to Identify New Functional Molecules in Food-RFP Request
NineSigma, representing CALBEE, Inc., a Japanese potato chip manufacturer, seeks partners to identify new functional molecules in the edible portion of potatoes or in their by-products (skin, sprouts, washing waste water), evaluate the bioactivities of such molecules, and investigate methods for their effective use in functional foods. View the Request for Proposal (.pdf)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meetings, Conferences and Short Courses for November 2012

Upcoming events for the month of November related to oils, fats, chemistry, biofuels as well as fabric and home care.

November 2012

01-02 2nd ICIS Asian Surfactants Conference
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

04-08 32nd Practical Short Course on Vegetable Oil Extraction
College Station, Texas, USA
Information: ; Phone: +1 979-862-2262

05-09 WMFmeetsIUPAC
7th Conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum and the XIIIth IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

07-08 Food Defense Workshop
Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA

07-08 Mass Spectrometry 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

07-08 MassSpec 2012: New Horizons in MS Hyphenated Techniques and Analyses
Biopolis, Singapore

11-13 Practical Short Course on Biodiesel/Biofuel from Algae and other Feedstock. Industrial Applications of Vegetable Oils
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX USA

11-15 Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) North America 33rd Annual Meeting
Long Beach, California, USA

12-14 2nd World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research
San Antonio, Texas, USA

13-14 Lipid Oxidation in Foods: Improving Food Quality and Protecting Bioactive Lipids
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

13-15 Health Ingredients Europe and Natural Ingredients
Messe Frankfurt, Germany

14-15 Novel Sources for Omega 3 for Food and Feed
Copenhagen, Denmark

15-16 10th Practical Short Course: Omega-3 and Nutritional Lipids
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

19-21 International Conference and Expo on Material Science and Engineering
San Antonio, Texas, USA

19-23 World Cocoa Conference
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

20-23 2012 European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) Annual Meeting
A Lunch Box for Tomorrow : An interactive combination of integrated analysis and specialized knowledge of food
Montpellier, France

23-24 67th Annual Convention of The Oil Technologists' Association of India
Mumbai, India

23-24 International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetology & Cosmetics
HICC Hyderabad, India

26-28 International Conference on Anesthesia & Perioperative Care
San Antonio, Texas, USA

26-28 International Toxicology Summit & Expo
San Antonio, Texas, USA

26-28 International Conference on Hair Transplantation & Trichology 2012
San Antonio, Texas, USA

27-29 National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo
Houston, Texas, USA

28-29 2nd South America Surfactants HPC Markets
Sao Paulo, Brazil

28-29 2nd Annual Waste Conversion Congress West Coast
Long Beach, CA USA

Find Out More

News and Notes for Friday November 2, 2012

Innovation The ‘Heart Of Our Business Model’
P&G Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Bob McDonald discussed innovation during his keynote address at the  World Conference on Fabric and Home Care in Singapore. Read more about his presentation from P&G.

Unilever Sales Beat Estimates as Brazil Leads Gains

 Unilever , the world’s second-biggest consumer-goods company, reported third-quarter revenue growth that beat estimates and industry peers as consumers in emerging markets such as Brazil bought more personal-care products.  Read more from Bloomberg News.

EO BecomesFirst Certified Non-GMO Body Care Company
The Non-GMO Project has verified EO, a leading manufacturer of natural and organic body products as the first certified non-GMO bodycare company. Read the News Release.

Novel oat-based sweetener rides crest of non-GMO wave
The first wave of products containing a new natural sweetener from oats called OatSweet have hit shelves in the US, and the firm behind it is now in talks with leading food and beverage manufacturers about incorporating it into everything from ice cream to breakfast cereal. Read more from Food Navigator.

Phospholipids: Putting More Function Into Functional Foods
A growing body of research indicates that different types of phospholipids may do a better job than others of getting vitamins, proteins, enzymes and beneficial fatty acids where they can do the most good in the human body. Read more from Food Product Design.

Spanish Consumer Group Finds Nearly One in Three Olive Oils Mislabeled
A Spanish consumer organization which says that nine out of 34 extra virgin olive oils it tested were really virgin grade, and one was lampante, is standing by its claims despite threats of legal action by major olive oil companies. Read more from the Olive Oil Times.

Monsanto Vistive Gold Beans for Bio-based Products
A new collaboration announced today between Monsanto and Biosynthetic Technologies is expected to increase demand for high-oleic soybean oil and create new opportunities for Vistive® Gold soybean growers. Read the News Release.

Greenpeace urges food companies to check palm oil suppliers' sustainability score Greenpeace has published a scorecard rating palm oil producers’ sustainability efforts, in order to provide food and other consumer goods companies with better information about how their palm oil is produced. Read more from Food & Drink Europe.


Doctoral Glut Dilemma: Are There Solutions?
Is higher education producing more doctoral scientists than the market can absorb? With the attendance rates at graduate schools increasing, has the private sector’s growth been able to keep up and will there be enough options for tomorrow’s PhDs?
Date: Thursday November 8, 2012 | Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET| Fee: Free 
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Abstract Alerts

Application of Rhamnolipid in the Formulation of a Detergent
Mansureh Khaje Bafghi and Mohammad Hassan Fazaelipoor. Journal of Surfactants and Detergents.Volume 15, Number 6 (2012), 679-684. Read the abstract.

Adsorption kinetics of non-ionic surfactants in micellar solutions: effects of added charge

Ci Yan ,  Anna Angus-Smyth and Colin D. Bain. Faraday Discuss., 2013, Advance Article. First published on the web 11 Oct 2012. Read the abstract. 

Monitoring the Epoxidation of Canola Oil by Non-aqueous Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry for Process Optimization and Control
Sabiqah Tuan Anuar, Yuan Yuan Zhao, Samuel M. Mugo & Jonathan M. Curtis. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. Volume 89, Number 11 (2012), 1951-1960. Read the abstract.

Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Cachexia and Tumor Growth While Improving Renal Function in Tumor-Bearing Rats
Isabela Coelho, Fernando Casare, Danielle C. T. Pequito, Gina Borghetti, Ricardo K. Yamazaki, Gleisson A. P. Brito, Marcelo Kryczyk, Luiz Claudio Fernandes, Terezila M. Coimbra & Ricardo Fernandez. Lipids. Volume 47, Number 11 (2012), 1031-1041. Read the abstract.

Chemical composition and molecular structure of polysaccharide-protein biopolymer from Durio zibethinus seed: extraction and purification process 
 Amid BT, Mirhosseini H, Kostadinovi. Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6:117 (14 October 2012). Read the abstract.