Monday, September 28, 2015

AOCS Press Celebrates Peer Review Week, September 28-October 2

What is Peer Review Week? It’s a new, informal celebration started by a group from ORCID, Science Open, Sense About Science and Wiley to build the awareness of the value and importance of peer review.

We understand and appreciate how valuable peer reviewers are to our journals and books, so AOCS Press is joining the celebration so we can celebrate you!

If you reviewed for us AOCS 2014, please visit our thank you pages for JAOCS, JSD, and Lipids. We’ll be preparing the new thank you lists for 2015 after the first of the year in 2016. We hope to see your name on our 2015 thank you pages!

To thank you even more, here are a few resources to help with your professional development:

We can also provide you with letters or certificates verifying your review record with our journals.  Contact us at

For more information about Peer Review Week, visit TheScholarly Kitchen.

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