Friday, October 16, 2020

October's Monthly Membership Midweek Mixer in review

AOCS hosted its first orientation to AOCS for new members in this recent Midweek Mixer. A huge thank you to AOCS member hosts Leann Barden and Steve Hill. 

Mixer highlights:

  1. An overview of AOCS, including, inform|connect as well as a variety of AOCS communications. 
  2. A chance to get to know all who joined the Mixer. 
  3. Yixiang Wang won an AOCS glass beaker tumbler.
  4. Priscilla Costa won an AOCS flask mug.
Do you have a brilliant idea for the next Midweek Mixer? Submit your idea to bring together AOCS community members with common interests. 

Join us for the upcoming Midweek Mixers that include orientations for new members, a gathering focused on peer reviewing and one for surfactants and detergents industry professionals to network. Anyone can attend, not just AOCS members, so feel free to invite friends and colleagues and introduce them to AOCS. 

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