Thursday, October 15, 2020

Challenges in the crystallization of high oleic palm in margarines and shortening: an upcoming AOCS Webinar presented in Spanish

AOCS' Latin American Section has organized another webinar that will be presented in Spanish. This webinar will focus on palm oil-based margarine and shortening and the following is a fuller description in both Spanish and English.

Desafíos en la cristalización de palma alto oleico en margarinas y shortening

Las diferentes variedades de palma en Latinoamérica han propiciado un nuevo reto en la formulación, cristalización y manejo de las margarinas y shortenings que contienen palma. La aplicación de las recomendaciones sugeridas en este webminar ayudará a mitigar las situaciones de post - cristalización, (endurecimiento) y liberación de aceite generados durante las etapas mencionadas anteriormente.

El webinar se presentará en español.

The different varieties of palm in Latin America have created a new challenge in the formulation, crystallization and handling of margarines and shortenings that contain palm. Applying the recommendations suggested in this webinar will help to mitigate the post-crystallization, (hardening) and oil release situations generated during the stages mentioned above.

This webinar will be presented in Spanish.

October 28, 2020 | 10:00 am CDT (UTC–05/Chicago, USA) | Register for free 

Presenters include:

Andres Rumayor: (Lipids BUMA LATAM at Palsgaard Mexico) with 18 years of commercial experience in the Lipids field, traveling all over the region got a deeper knowledge of the palm oil market and large expertise in emulsifiers and crystallizers on margarine production. 

Emma Sandoval: (Lipids Applications Specialist at Palsgaard Mexico) with 12 years of technical expertise in margarine & shortenings with more than 3,000 trails at pilot plant level of a wide range of palm oil products.

Elena Dibildox: (Ph.D. in the Fats & Oils Department from UASLP Mexico) with 32 years of experience in teaching and Research at the University of San Luis Potosi with specializing in analytical technics, publications & papers on fats & oils, crystallization of different fats and its final applications.

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