Monday, October 5, 2020

New speaker just added to the Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum

The Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum would like to welcome Dr. Mehmet Tulbek, Director of R&D at AGT Food and Ingredients, Inc to the Forum's speaker lineup with his presentation, "Overview of Pulse Crops and Historical Use of Pulses and Pulse Ingredients in the Pet Food Industry," which is now part of the session, Relationship between Canine Diets & Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) – Pet Food Health & Nutrition.

Meet Dr. Mehmet Tulbek

This presentation's learning objectives:

  • Overview of pulse crops and pulse ingredients
  • Regulatory status of pulses and pulse ingredients in US pet food industry
  • Historical use of pulses and pulse ingredients in pet food industry
Dr. Tulbek is also the chair of the Forum's first session, Processing and Utilization Technologies, on October 6. 

Have you registered for the Forum?

The Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum is dedicated to covering the entire spectrum of plant protein nutrition from livestock to pets to humans. It also seeks to investigate the plant protein industry’s many facets, including quality determination and the sensory science of plant proteins.

Meet Dr. Mehmet Tulbek

1) Why did you decide to get involved with the Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum?
Over the last decade, AOCS has presented excellent scientific sessions in plant protein research especially in alternative and emerging plant proteins. Due to this continued interest, there has been a need for a separate workshop and the Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum was developed as an extension of this excellence. I decided to get involved thanks to the invitation of my colleagues Phil Kerr, Janitha Wanasundara and Jeff Newman. I also had the opportunity to serve on the executive committee for and speak at the Inaugural AOCS Pulse Forum in November 2019. 

2) How does your work intersect with the session, you are chairing?
In the session I will be co-chairing, speakers from Canada, Finland and the USA will present new and emerging research about next-generation meat analogs, almond proteins, oat proteins, canola proteins and enzyme solutions for the plant-based food industry. I have been working on plant-based proteins and flours as a research professional, as such I am looking forward to being part of this session and learning about new research in this focus area. 

3) Have you attended a Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum before? If so, what have you enjoyed about previous forums? If this is your first forum, what are you most looking forward to?
At the first Inaugural AOCS Pulse Forum in 2019, I had the opportunity to speak about dry milling and fractionation of pulses. In addition, I served in the executive committee and helped develop the program. Speaking and helping to develop the program for the first Forum was a great experience for me, and I had a chance to meet several professionals and researchers from academia and industry. 

4) If you had one piece of advice for speakers submitting their abstract for review, what would it be? 
To start, it is important to consider what the participants of the Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum would like to learn about the topic. From there, you can consider speaking points and which new findings will be most important to address in the abstract and most attractive to your prospective audience. 

5) What is one unexpected fact most people who know you would never guess? 
I am a certified bartender and worked part-time for about three years during my college education in Turkey. I can still prepare close to 150 cocktails especially with oriental spices. 

We hope you will join both for the session Dr. Tulbek is chairing and his presentation. 

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