Friday, September 25, 2020

Journal articles focused on edible applications technology

The following Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society articles published in 2020 were curated by the Edible Applications Division Newsletter Editor, Andrew Gravelle.

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Issue 1: January 2020

Preparation and Characterization of Oil Rich in Odd Chain Fatty Acids from Rhodococcus opacus PD630 

Mei‐Yun Chu, Lin‐Shang Zhang, Wen‐Yong Lou, Min‐Hua Zong, Yu‐Qian Tang and Ji‐Guo Yang

Issue 2: February 2020

Tailoring Crystalline Structure Using High‐Intensity Ultrasound to Reduce Oil Migration in a Low Saturated Fat

Thais L. T. da Silva, Zachary Cooper, Juhee Lee, Veronique Gibon and Silvana Martini

Issue 3: March 2020

Effect of Feeding a Low Level of Encapsulated Fish Oil to Dairy Goats on Milk Yield, Composition, and Fatty Acid Profile

Maryuri Núñez de González, Rahmat Attaie, Sela Woldesenbet, Adela Mora‐Gutierrez, Jeneanne Kirven, Yoonsung Jung and Deland Myers

Issue 4: April 2020

Effect of CO2 Bubbles on Crystallization Behavior of Anhydrous Milk Fat 

Bhaskar Mani Adhikari, Tuyen Truong, Nidhi Bansal and Bhesh Bhandari

Accelerated Fat Bloom in Chocolate Model Systems: Replacement of Cocoa Powder with Sugar Particles and the Effects of Lecithin 

Jiayang Jin and Richard W. Hartel

Issue 5: May 2020

Oleogel Fabrication Based on Sodium Caseinate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, and Beeswax: Effect of Concentration, Oleogelation Method, and Their Optimization 

Leyla Alizadeh, Khadije Abdolmaleki, Kooshan Nayebzadeh and Seyede Marzieh Hosseini

Issue 6: June 2020

Na2SiO3‐Catalyzed Glycerolysis of Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis L.) Oil into Di‐ and Monoacylglycerols 

Jia Luo, Zeping Wang, Shangzhi Deng, Fan Zhang, Guirong Bao, Junni Mao and Wenjing Yang

Issue 7: July 2020

Hermetia illucens Larvae as a Living Bioreactor for Simultaneous Food by‐Products Recycling and Useful Oil Production

José L. Guil‐Guerrero, María J. Sánchez‐Muros, Dmitri Fabrikov, Borja Rodríguez‐Lozano, María J. González‐Fernández, Svetlana Lyashenko and Fernando G. Barroso

Issue 8: August 2020

Isothermal Crystallization of Palm Oil‐Based Fats with and without the Addition of Essential Oils 

Anis Chikhoune, Mikhail Shashkov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich Piligaev, Juhee Lee, Abdelghani Boudjellal and Silvana Martini 

Issue 9: September 2020

Tripalmitin‐Driven Crystallization of Palm Oil: The Role of Shear and Dispersed Particles

Ryan West and Dérick Rousseau

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