Friday, September 4, 2020

FSMA: Equipment, Cleaning and Sanitization Requirements – an AOCS Webinar available for download

FSMA: Equipment, Cleaning and Sanitization Requirements Within the Food and Beverage Industry,” originally presented at #AOCS2020, was presented last week by Dennis McCullough of Plus Group as an AOCS Webinar

AOCS and Plus Group want to give everyone the opportunity to gain access to both the recorded webinar and presentation materials for free

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FSMA: Equipment, Cleaning and Sanitization Requirements Within the Food and Beverage Industry

The subject of the Food Modernization Act (FSMA) is to protect food from intentional adulteration. For the purposes of this review, we address the FSMA Part L which deals with equipment design and cleaning and sanitization requirements. The FSMA rule identifies possible routes of microbial contamination and sets requirements to prevent or reduce the introduction of pathogens. Equipment, tools and buildings are identified routes of contamination because they have the potential to contaminate covered produce with pathogens. When design flaws or defect procedures are identified, preventative action is crucial to avoid contamination which includes developing and prioritizing equipment standards, facility designs and material and personnel flows. In conclusion, this presentation reviews steps for reducing possible contamination from equipment designs; and implementing effective cleaning and sanitization procedures for successful business operations.

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