Monday, September 7, 2020

A few words from 2019 to 2020 Lab Proficiency Program (LPP) Winner JLN China, Inc.

AOCS is proud to honor JLN China, Inc. for being a 2019 to 2020 LPP Award Winner. This accomplishment recognizes this lab’s dedication to conducting rigorous analyses in the lab. This lab is among the top 10% of analysts in their series. Read, in their own words, what this means for their lab:

JLA China Inc. (Shandong ZhongHe TianCheng Inspection Co. Ltd.) is dedicated to providing third-party food safety and quality testing services to meet the quality management requirements of the food industry and the public sector. Accurate and reliable testing results are crucial for us.

Therefore, our lab is certified by CNAS in accordance with ISO 17025 and certified by CMA, a Chinese official certification. These ensure our lab’s quality management system maintains high standards,but even that is not enough for us. To ensure accurate and reliable results, we implement proficiency testing plans every year, AOCS’ Lab Proficiency Program (LPP) is always part of this plan and very important to our continued maintenance of these standards.

We are pleased and excited to have been awarded First Place in the determination of Aflatoxin in Peanut Paste in the 2019-2020 AOCS LPP! This is a recognition of our hard work. We have participated in the aflatoxin LPP for more than ten years. This recognition gave our technical team such self-confidence and helped us gain trust from our clients. We will keep up the good work in the future!

Thanks to AOCS for their excellent and continuous services! 

It is our mission to provide accurate and reliable testing results. And we believe that by working together, it can be done! 

Congratulations JLN China, Inc!

Find out more about the AOCS Lab Proficiency Program.

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