Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Welcome new AOCS Members!

Please join me in welcoming our 115 newest members. They contribute to a growing AOCS community which includes 75% industrial researchers, and 25% from government and academia. As you read about our new members below, and check out the list of names and affiliations in the Premium Content Library on inform|connect, you will begin to see how global a community we truly are. More than 42% of our membership is from outside the USA representing more than 80 countries from around the globe. 

Access the new members list, including names, affiliations and countries (requires AOCS member login)

Have you renewed your membership? Visit your profile on inform|connect, if you do not have the Member ribbon, your membership has lapsed. 


In September we gained 23 new members, five of whom were students. These members are based in the USA, Turkey, England and Canada and represent companies like ADM, National Research Council, California Olive Oil Council and Green Keratin Ltd. along with academic institutions like the University of Manitoba and the University of Florida. 


In October, we gained 23 new members, four of whom were students. These members are based in the USA, Brazil, Ethiopia, Israel, England, India, New Zealand and Columbia and represent companies like BASF and Syngenta and academic institutions like the University of Guelph, Colorado State University and the Ohio State University.


In November, we gained 31 new members, six of whom were students. These new members are based in the USA, Canada, Germany, China, Singapore, Hongkong and Italy and represent companies like Conagra Foods, Myande Group Ltd. and Richardson Oilseed and academic institutions like Aix-Marseille University and Virginia Tech University.


In December, we gained 38 new members, three of whom were students. These new members are based in Sweden, Czech Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and beyond. These individuals represent companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Glencore Agriculture and Viterra Canola Processing along with academic institutions like the University of Leeds, the University of Navarro and Miami University.

Our Plant Protein Science and Technology Forum and the Soybean 360 symposium helped bring AOCS to the attention of many of these new members. We also have our recruiters to thank for inviting several of these new community members into the AOCS family.

AOCS looks forward to all our members are set to accomplish in 2021 and are excited that these new members will be a part of that journey. AOCS wants to hear about all you are doing, publishing and achieving this year to put into our new Member Minutes blog series. Feel free to submit your news to this form.

If you have questions over the status of your membership, contact the Membership team at membership@aocs.org.

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