Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What would it take for you to join?

It’s a Great Value
All important concept when promoting AOCS membership.

Hi, I’m Barb Semeraro, the AOCS membership manager. When people ask me what I do at AOCS, I reply “The 3 R’s – recruit, retain, and recognize”. 

As one of the R’s, I’m always trying different ways to “sell” membership – to get a person to join. I have found, and surveys concur, people join associations for several reasons: 1) for the greater good of the industry, 2) to find an answer to their question, 3) to develop a professional network, and sometimes 4) for the menu listing of services and discounts.  The menu listing saves you money, so it’s a great value. The other value - Membership value -  is an intangible which is harder to “sell” with words and phrases.

AOCS members have experienced the value of membership, so I asked a few to sit in front of a camera and talk about their involvement within AOCS. I am so grateful to the members who are willing to help me, staff, and colleagues without hesitation.

The first video is by Tim Kemper. Tim is Vice President of AOCS, was the Society’s Treasurer, involved with the processing division, and has contributed to many sessions and committees over the last 29 years.

Thank you Tim for finding the correct words and phrases to “sell” the value of membership. And, did you notice that this video didn’t need any editing? Tim did this in one take – the first one too!  He just asked when to start, looked directly at the camera, and preceded with his talk.

As Tim mentions; AOCS needs you! Your imagination and intellect. Your skills and cultures. Your input and insights into committee work.  We need you to lead the way. Yep, I’m trying to recruit you to join. I’m wondering - What would it take for you to join?

The first to respond with an answer to " What would it take for you to join?" in the comments sections of this blog post will receive an AOCS USB Flash drive. I can't wait to read your answers!

Win me!

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