Friday, July 6, 2012

News and Notes for Friday July 6, 2012

Lipids: Studying fish to learn about fat
Science Codex--New research from Carnegie's Steven Farber, James Walters and Jennifer Anderson reveals a technique that allows scientists to watch lipid metabolism in live zebrafish. This method enabled them to describe new aspects of lipid absorption that could have broad applications for human health. Their work is published in Chemistry & Biology. Read more.

How Chemistry Is Predicting the Flavor Pairings of the Future
Chemical and Engineering News --Scientists are developing computational chemistry techniques to predict the flavor combinations of the future. Read more.

Vitamin D deficiency may cause weight gain
CNN (blog)--Older women who don't get enough vitamin D may be slightly heavier than those who do according to a study, published online in the recent issue of the Journal of Women's Health. Read more.

History of BPA
 Packaging Digest--The use of (polycarbonate) PC for food packaging received original approval in the 1960s by the FDA under its food additive regulations. Packaging Digest provides a review of timelines and regulations. Read more.

Congress To FDA: Study Nano Safety
New Haven Independent--The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will soon have a new nanotechnology safety programRead more.

At Rio+20, Business Leaders Asked for More Regulation
 Forbes--Top CEOs are asking for more regulation for "the green economy". Read more.


Production Supervisor - ConAgra (Tennessee, USA)- See the job posting.

Abstract Alerts

Trans Isomers of EPA and DHA in Omega-3 Products on the European Market
Caterina Sciotto and Svein A. Mjøs. Lipids, 2012, Volume 47, Number 7, Pages 659-667. Read the abstract.

Selectively increasing of polyunsaturated (18:2) and monounsaturated (18:1) fatty acids in Jatropha curcas seed oil by crystallization using D-optimal design
Salimon J, Abdullah BM, Salih N. Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6:65 (2 July 2012). Read the abstract.

Novel enzymes for the degradation of cellulose
Horn SJ, Vaaje-Kolstad G, Westereng B, Eijsink VG. Biotechnology for Biofuels. 2012, 5:45 (2 July 2012). Read the abstract.

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