Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grant Available -University-Based Low-Income Nutrition Education

"Aligning and Elevating University-Based Low-Income Nutrition Education"

Organization: USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

Applications Due By: August 1, 2012

A. Background

Land-grant universities have conducted EFNEP since 1969 and SNAP-Ed (a.k.a. the Family Nutrition Program and Food Stamp Nutrition Education) since 1987. Land-grant universities are the sole implementer of EFNEP and the primary implementer of SNAP-Ed. These programs represent a significant source of funding and programming for Cooperative Extension land-grant university partners and are the primary means by which land-grant universities deliver low-income nutrition education in communities. For more than half of states, the same individuals provide leadership to both programs which presents unique challenges and opportunities, since the programs are administered by two different agencies within USDA, NIFA and FNS (Food and Nutrition Service), respectively. NIFA has worked closely with university partners to strengthen both programs across the land-grant university system. ECOP (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy) leadership has requested NIFA’s assistance in better aligning and raising the visibility of EFNEP and SNAP-Ed through the land-grant university system given the importance of these programs to the Cooperative Extension mission.

The Aligning/Elevating University-Based Low-Income Nutrition Education RFA directly aligns with the Research, Education, and Economics Action Plan (http://www.ree.usda.gov/ree/news/USDA_REE_Action _Plan_02-2012_2.pdf ) and specifically addresses Goal 4, Nutrition and Childhood Obesity by strengthening established strategic partnerships and strengthening implementation practices to encourage healthy eating and physical activity at the individual and community levels, focusing on high-risk groups. 

Web site: The July 3, 2012 USDA NIFA Grant Funding Announcement is posted at

The Full Funding Opportunity Announcement is available at

  • Dr. Helen Chipman who is the National Program Leader of the Division of Nutrition of the USDA NIFA Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition at 202 720 8067; fax: 202 401 4888; e-mail: HChipman@NIFA.USDA.gov
  • Ms. Stephanie Blake who is a Program Specialist with the Division of Nutrition of the USDA NIFA Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition at 202 720 6079; fax: 202 401 4888; e-mail: SBlake@NIFA.USDA.gov

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