Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AOCS Launches Olive Oil Sensory Panel Series

AOCS is pleased to add to its Laboratory Proficiency Program with the introduction of the AOCS Olive Oil Sensory Panel Proficiency Testing Series. The series, which launched last week, will allow participants to know where their sensory panel stands in comparison to sensory panels across the globe.

Testing and scoring will abide by International Olive Council guideline COI/T.20/Doc. No 15/Rev. 4 (November 2011), with qualifying panels promoted as an AOCS Recognized Olive Oil Sensory Panel. This recognition will give the top performing labs an opportunity to demonstrate to olive oil producers, retailers and importers that they are accurately assessing olive oil quality. Tasting panels are critical in the olive oil industry, as they help determine an olive oil’s grade (extra virgin, virgin, lampante, etc.).

The Sensory Panel Proficiency Testing Series will consist of two rounds of testing in the first year, with participation dates of October 2012 and January 2013. Each testing round will consist of four olive oil samples of 500 milliliters.

To sign up, visit www.aocs.org/sensory. The deadline to enroll is August 20, so act soon! Have a question or need more information? Contact Dawn Shepard, Laboratory Proficiency Program Manager.

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