Monday, July 23, 2012

News and Notes for Monday July 23, 2012

Meat Industry Loses Challenge to Renewable Fuel Standard
The National Chicken Council and two other meat-industry groups lost a court challenge to the EPA's national renewable-fuel standard that they said will increase feed prices in the U.S as more corn is used to produce ethanol. Read more at Businessweek.

Africa palm-oil plan pits activists vs N.Y. investors
Since 2000, world demand for palm oil has doubled. Millions of hectares of forest in top producers Indonesia and Malaysia have been turned over to plantations. That has prompted dismay among environmentalists and brought about tough new rules that are forcing planters to look elsewhere. One of those places is Cameroon, a central African state. Read more at Reuters.

Food Processing Trends Underscore Need for Additional Safety
Current trends of minimization in food formulation and processing - such as the reduction of salt levels in products and processing techniques designed to preserve fresh characteristics of products - should trigger a renewed look at food safety measures in the food industry, and might attract the attention of government regulators.  Read more at Food Safety News.

Data Tables on Total Nutrient Intakes, Meal Patterns, and Snack Occasions
Summary Data Tables on Total Nutrient Intakes, Meal Patterns, and Snack Occasions for 2009-2010 providing estimates of mean nutrient intakes for 21 age/gender groups by race/ethnicity and family income and are posted at Two days of dietary data containing food and nutrient intake data on 9,754 individuals are posted at

Biodiesel/Industrial Lipids Group Seeks Partners for Testing and Collaboration
The Biodiesel/Industrial Lipids group at the Eastern Regional Research Center, USDA,  seeks partners interested in testing, in their applications, (a) domestically produced pennycress oil, and (b) acyl chain methyl-branched fatty acids and esters derived from pennycress oil and lipids.  Possible applications range from a domestic source of erucic acid to improved low temp lubricants.  Expressions of interest in partnering for the testing of these materials are being sought. Responses are preferred before July 25, 2012.  For Further information please contact Mike Haas:  tel: (215) 233-6459;  email:


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Abstract Alerts

Biomass-Based Polyols through Oxypropylation Reaction
Aniceto, J. P. S., Portugal, I. and Silva, C. M. (2012), ChemSusChem. doi: 10.1002/cssc.201200032. Read the abstract.

Biodiesel/Diesel Blends Classification with Respect to Base Oil Using NIR Spectrometry and Chemometrics Tools
Gildo W. B. Silva, Adriano A. Gomes, Priscila da Silva, Gean B. Costa and David Douglas Sousa Fernandes, et al. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 2012, Volume 89, Number 7, Pages 1165-1171. Read the abstract.

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