Friday, June 1, 2012

News and Notes for Friday June 1, 2012

Food: How it's made on Pinterest
TOP b.v. ( share the latest innovations on Pinterest with movies that show industrial food production facilities. Find out more.

Research study tests feeding beef steers with algae co-products study fed cattle the co-products of the production of biofuel from algae with both medium and low-quality forages. The algae co-product is what is left over after oil extraction and is in powder form. The algae feed performed much better than expected. Read more.

Conference looks at green chemistry for polymers
Labels and Labeling--The Green Polymer Chemistry conference in Cologne, Germany provided a unique opportunity for agriculture, biotechnologists, brand owners, venture capitalists and polymer experts to gather and debate the issues. Read more about the conference.

Europe's (olive) oil crisis
CNN --Spain, Italy and Greece, already fighting a financial and economic crisis, are now facing an olive oil crisis. The price of the Mediterranean diet staple has plunged to a 10-year low. Read more.

Omega-3s May Benefit Impact Concussions in Football
MarketWatch (News release)--A Recent Study Published in Clinical Neurosurgery on Concussion Management in Football Says Omega-3s Are Showing Promise in Treating Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, and Post-Concussion Syndrome in Football Players. Read the release.

Russia pumps up fats and oils production manufacturer EFKO has pumped cash into fats and oils processing in the first quarter of 2012 as part of an ongoing investment plan, boosting capacity. Read more.

AOCS Member News

Hazelnuts May Provide Better Baby Formula, According to University of Georgia Researchers AOCS Member Casimir Akoh developed a new nutrient based on hazelnut oil that mimics the structure of mother's milk, making it well suited to nourish infants. Read more.

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