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News and Notes for Friday June 8, 2012

Dispute Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food over the possible health and environmental effects of such food has prompted a move for labeling it, but scientists, farmers and technology companies call the measures alarmist. Read more.
And from FIEN--Anti Ag Biotech Food Labeling Activity - A " ... decentralized, autonomous grassroots campaign ..." is asking its supporters to visit retail outlets to " ... autonomously label ..." foods with stickers containing a skull and cross bones and the words "GMO Warning" or "Warning - May Contain GMOs" - See and

5 million Brazilian farmers sue Monsanto in huge class action accuse Monsanto of effectively taxing them illegally by demanding royalties. The issue is whether Monsanto owns rights to crops. Read more.

Fish Oil May Reduce Weight Loss during Chemotherapy recent study found a strong, positive relationship with fish oil and the prevention of weight loss in lung cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Read more.

Food Manufacturing Facilities Design for Flexibility
Food Processing-- Smaller, more nimble food processing plants offer something different. Read more. 

Mill, Baby, Mill
Biofuels Digest--In-field bioprocessing? Dramatically higher plant oil production? Research and development breakthroughs offer new paths to victory for millers vs drillers. Read more. 

DaniMer Scientific Announces Release of Breakthrough Biobased Label Adhesive for PET Industry, Leveraging Renewable Chemicals from DuPont Tate & Lyle and Myriant
MarketWatch (News Release)--Myriant announced today that its high-performing bio-succinic acid was selected as key renewable building block chemical in a bio-based label adhesive announced today by DaniMer Scientific. The adhesive, designated DaniMer 92721, was created to eliminate the problems associated with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container recycling. Read the news release.


AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program Approved Chemist applications due Friday, June 15
The AOCS Examination Board annually awards Approved Chemist status to applicants whose LPP results are complete and where statistical analysis reveal a low aggregate deviation from the consensus value to each analyte. The application can be downloaded here.

New Book Release: Structure-Function Analysis of Edible Fats
Structure-Function Analysis of Edible Fats, a recent release from AOCS Press and editor Alejandro G. Marangoni, will empower the product development scientist and food design engineer to characterize the structure and properties of fats and fat-structured foods in order to be able to replace key ingredients (such as saturated fat with structured oil) and also to design new structures with defined properties (for example, increased oil-binding capacity and mechanical strength with less structuring material).  Read more.

New Book Release: Green Vegetable Oil Processing
Alternative green technologies at various stages of oilseed and vegetable oil processing are addressed in Green Vegetable Oil Processing, a recent release from AOCS Press. Edited by Walter E. Farr and Andrew Procter, this book documents green oil processing technology developments and evaluates their commercial potential. Read more.

Singapore 2012 World Conference on Fabric and Home Care-Early Registration Rates and Hotel Availability End 26 June
Join your colleagues to hear directly from the leaders guiding the future of the fabric and home care industry and find out about the latest trends affecting the business today. Find out more or register now.

Abstract Alerts

Phase-switching Homogeneous Catalysis for Clean Production of Biodiesel and Glycerol from Soybean and Microbial Lipids.
Cao, X., Xie, H., Wu, Z., Shen, H. and Jing, B. (2012).  ChemCatChem. doi:10.1002/cctc.201200150. Read the abstract.

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