Monday, June 18, 2012

Legislating Health?

Last week it was announced that the Governor of California ( Edmund G. Brown, Jr.) launched the "Let's Get Healthy, California" Task Force. Childhood obesity is on the agenda so it is likely that all snack foods/ processed foods as well as the fat content of foods will come under review.
"The Task Force and the Expert Advisors will work together to gather, evaluate and prioritize the best ideas and practices and organize them into a 10-year plan to improve quality, control costs, promote personal responsibility for individual health, and advance health equity. The report will establish baselines for key health indicators, identify obstacles, inventory best practices, provide fiscally prudent recommendations..."
This follows the headlines in New York where Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes to ban the sale of large sodas in New York City restaurants, theaters, stadiums and street carts. Mayor Bloomberg believes the ban on soda will prevent or ameliorate obesity.

Thus far it seems many of these decisions are being made without input from food companies. In fact, many of the participants have long history in activism on these topics

Should we be legislating health? If so who should provide input?

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