Friday, June 29, 2012

News and Notes for Friday June 29, 2012

Soy and cognitive function: Latest results
the ePerspective--Recently, a study published in Neurology suggested that soy protein may not preserve overall thinking abilities in women over the age of 45, but may improve memory related to facial recognition. In addition, results from a Hawaiian population study published in 2000 linked soy consumption with greater risk of cognitive impairment.  Read more.

Omega-3 lowers inflammation in overweight older adults research shows that omega-3 fatty acid supplements can lower inflammation in healthy, but overweight, middle-aged and older adults, suggesting that regular use of these supplements could help protect against and treat certain illnesses. Read more.

High-fat/calorie diet accelerates development of pancreatic cancer Study results presented at the American Association for Cancer Research's Pancreatic Cancer: Progress and Challenges conference, held here June 18-21, strongly suggest that a diet high in fat and calories can hasten the development of pancreatic cancer in humans. Read more.

India soybean struggles to retain gains; soyoil down
Reuters--Indian soybean futures pared some of the gains after hitting a record high on Thursday, as profit-taking driven by hopes that farmers will raise acreage under the crop weighed on sentiment. Read more.

Milking Oil From Algae? Craig Venter Makes Progress In Exxon-Backed Venture
Forbes--ExxonMobil and Craig Venter made a big splash back in 2009 when they announced a research alliance to explore the potential for milking oil out of algae. Exxon said that if Venter’s Synthetic Genomics Inc. managed to isolate an algae strain that produced enough oil, it would be willing to invest $600 million in commercializing the technology. Read more.

Carbon is key for getting algae to pump out more oil
Phys.Org--Brookhaven researchers Jilian Fan, Changcheng Xu, and Chengshi Yan with cultures of algae that were shown to increase oil production in response to excess carbon. Read more.

Nanodiamonds could enhance washing detergent efficiency pieces of diamond could be used to help improve the effectiveness of washing detergents at lower temperatures, according to new research. Read more.

First dairying in green Saharan Africa in the fifth millennium bc
Nature--Rock-art scenes depicting domesticated cattle — some of them even including scenes of milking — are widely distributed in the Tadrart Acacus Mountains of the Libyan Sahara, suggesting that cattle played a big part in the lives of ancient humans in the 'Green' Sahara during the Holocene. Read more.

Abstract Alerts

Changes in the anti-inflammatory activity of soy isoflavonoidgenistein versus genistein incorporated in two types of cyclodextrin derivatives
Danciu C, Soica C, Csanyi E, Ambrus R, Feflea S, Peev C, Dehelean C
Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6:58 (20 June 2012). Read the abstract.


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