Wednesday, May 30, 2012

News and Notes for Wednesday May 30, 2012

Nobelist Speaks Out on Genetic Modification, Synthetic Biology, Stem Cell Research
MarketWatch (News release) -- Sir Richard Roberts, the eminent British biologist and Nobel Prize laureate, said today European opposition to genetically modified organisms is political rather than scientific in nature. Read the release.

Funding to highlight growth opportunities for synthetic biology grants for feasibility studies, the funding aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using synthetic biology in a commercial setting and highlight the opportunities for UK industry created by technological advancements. Read more.

FDA orders cooking oil processor to stop airing TV advertisement Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has ordered Southeast Asia Foods Inc. (Safi), maker of Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil, to stop airing its commercial for containing "misleading claims"  that the oil may be re-used for frying food for seven times without affecting the product’s quality, color, or appearance, and that it contains 50-percent less saturated fat than regular oil. Read more.

Food and Science at UCLA, Danish Gastro-physical Societies + Experimental Cakes
laweekly--Professor Amy Rowat (UCLA's Science & Food) is  a professor of integrative biology and physiology at UCLA, and as a physicist is an unlikely champion of modernist cuisine. LA Weekly interviewed her recently to talk about how she got into this in the first place, her take on emulsions, and where to get a centrifuge. Read more.

Is Mom's Lack of Vitamin D in Pregnancy Linked with Child's Weight?

TIME--A new study suggests that adequate levels of vitamin D could be one such protective factor. Some data have linked low vitamin D levels to weight gain and obesity in women and children, but in the new study researchers at the University of Southampton in the U.K. found that association may begin the womb. Read more.

Limonene can improve quality of reduced fat chocolate – study oil extract limonene can improve the final product quality of reduced fat chocolate, according to researchers. The study 'Effect of Limonene on the Crystallization of Cocoa Butter' published in the Journal of American Oil Chemists' Society (JAOCS). Read more.

Food Price Shock Is Next

Wall Street Journal --With the rupee expected to slide further, analysts say it is just a matter of time before importers either hold off increasing imports even though the coming months are a time of peak consumption. Read more.

Consumers more likely to choose GM if benefits are clear
People are more willing to buy genetically modified (GM) foods than they may admit to, according to a new study. The study found a substantial difference between the number of people who said they would buy GM foods when surveyed and the number who actually bought [mislabeled] GM labelled products at fruit stalls ... These results suggest that surveys may have exaggerated the extent of negative feeling towards GM products. Read more (.pdf) 

Abstract Alerts

The rheological characterization of algae suspensions for the production of biofuels  

Victoria O. Adesanya, Damien C. Vadillo, and Malcolm R. Mackley . Journal of Rheology / Volume 56 / Issue 4. Read the abstract.

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