Monday, May 7, 2012

Your News and Notes for Monday May 7, 2012

New Proposed BioPreferred Regulation to Expand Biobased Products for Federal Purchase
USDA (News release)-- Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the publication in the Federal Register of new proposed guidelines for the USDA BioPreferred program that could expand the ability of USDA to designate biobased products for Federal purchase. USDA is proposing to allow for the designation of intermediate ingredients such as fibers, resins, and chemicals so that the products made from them could more easily be designated for preferred Federal procurement. Read the release.

Vitamin E in Vegetable Oil May Help Fight Cancer
WebWire (News release)--There has been conflicting research presented regarding the effect of vitamin E consumption and cancer prevention; however, a study recently published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research indicates that it does indeed fight the disease. Read the release.

USPTO Affirms Key Claims of Gevo's "AFT" Patent fails to get reexamination of key claims Gevo believes Butamax and DuPont are infringing. Read more.

Dow In Deal For Bio-Based Transformer Fluids
CBS Local--Midland-based Dow Chemical Co. will buy renewable and biodegradable insulating fluids, made from algae, from a California company under a deal announced Wednesday. Read more.

Surfactant Sleuths Identify Key Ingredients in Stopping Corrosive Behavior (News Release)--ACI recognizes the Best Paper published during the previous year in the Journal of Surfactants & Detergents; the award was presented at the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) 103rd Annual Meeting. Read the release.

Abstract Alerts

Solution properties of biobased hyperbranched polyols investigated by multiple-detection size exclusion chromatography.
Milic, J., Teraoka, I. and Petrovic, Z. S. (2012). J. Appl. Polym. Sci. Read the abstract.

Lipidomics of Intact Mitochondria by MALDI-TOF/MS
Roberto Angelini1, Rita Vitale, Vinay A. Patil, Tiziana Cocco, Bernd Ludwig, Miriam L. Greenberg and Angela Corcelli1, First Published on May 3, 2012, doi: 10.1194/jlr.D026203 The Journal of Lipid Research. Read the abstract.

Enhancement of Intestinal Permeability Utilizing Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Increases γ-Tocotrienol Oral Bioavailability
Bilal S. Abuasal, Courtney Lucas, Breanne Peyton, Alaadin Alayoubi and Sami Nazzal, et al. Lipids, 2012, Volume 47, Number 5, Pages 461-469. Read the abstract.

Statistical Methodological Issues in Handling of Fatty Acid Data: Percentage or Concentration, Imputation and Indices
Roel J. T. Mocking, Johanna Assies, Anja Lok, Henricus G. Ruhé, Maarten W. J. Koeter, Ieke Visser, Claudi L. H. Bockting and Aart H. Schene.Lipids. Volume 47, Number 5 (2012), 541-547. Read the abstract.

Upcoming Events May 7- May 14, 2012
See the AOCS Events Calendar.

07-08 LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2012: Lipidomics Impact on Cell Biology, Metabolomics and Translational Medicine
La Jolla, California, USA

07-09 Dietary Fibre 2012
Rome, Italy

08-10 Marine Fuels: Specifications, Testing, Purchase, and Use ASTM International Training Course
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

13-16 International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids (ISSF-2012)
San Francisco, California, USA

14-16 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Earth Summit 2012/Rio+20)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

14-18 11th International Hydrocolloids Conference
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

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