Friday, June 11, 2021

Welcome to our newest AOCS members!

AOCS would like to welcome the 35 new active members and 8 students who joined our community in the month of May. These new members showcase the global presence of the AOCS community.

New active members represent 21 companies spread across 10 countries, including Brazil, South Africa, Qatar, and Australia. In addition, new active members from academia represent Delaware State University and San Jose State University, USA; Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands; and University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

New student members represent 7 universities, including Dalhousie University, Canada; Ghent University, Belgium; and Ohio State University, USA.

In addition, new student members include Maria Scharfe (Technical University Berlin, Germany), who was awarded the Edible Applications Technology Division Student Award in 2020. Subscribe to the AOCS email list to be notified when nominations for 2022 AOCS Student Awards open next month.

Thank you to the following AOCS members who brought their colleagues into AOCS via the refer-a-friend program:

  • Roberto Armenta, Mara Renewables Corporation
  • Filip Van Bockstaele, Ghent University
  • Supratim Ghosh, University of Saskatchewan
  • Keshun Liu, US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
  • Todd Underiner, Procter & Gamble

Recruiters earn a US $20 gift card for each member they recruit up to US $100 each year. Learn how to recruit AOCS members and earn recognition for your efforts to help AOCS grow across the world.

View the full list of new members in the AOCS Premium Content Library (only available to AOCS members) and say “Hi!” on the inform|connect Open Forum or email Janet Brown, Director of Membership, for member contact details. Joining the Open Forum is free for non-members.

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