Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Celebrating AmSpec Services, LLC - AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP) award winners

AOCS is proud to recognize the top performers of the Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP).  Winners are among the top 10% of analysts in their field. We commend them for their dedication to conducting rigorous analyses in the lab. 

LPP award winners from Amspec Lab
The team at AmSpec Services, LLC, Pasadena, TX 

AmSpec Services, LLC has facilities across the United States and around the world with capabilities to perform a wide range of analyses on a multitude of products including biofuel, petroleum, petrochemical and agricultural commodities. The team in Pasadena, Texas, USA participate in AOCS LLP series demonstrating their proficiency at quality assurance for tallow and grease, soybean, marine oil, palm oil, and for a range of oil-seed meals. The team includes 2020/2021 winners in several series. 

"The Lab Proficiency Program is important to our lab because it provides an opportunity to demonstrate reproducibility," says Tyler Hack, laboratory manager. "This is a vital component to everything that involves chemistry. Chemistry begins with the important pillar of being capable of producing similar results by more than just one lab or one person. The AOCS LPP program assists in providing that foundational confirmation and we are quite grateful for it."

Congratulations to the team at AmSpec!

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