Monday, May 11, 2020

Welcome to our newest members — there's still time to spread the word about AOCS resources!

AOCS would like to welcome our newest members from April. This group of brand-new contributors is from all over the globe, and we are so excited that they are a part of the AOCS family. Don't forget, June 30 is our Q2 deadline for this recruitment period. It's a better time than ever to encourage your peers and colleagues to join our community to access all our member content. We've spent the last several weeks prioritizing our webinar schedule, and we're proud to have numerous upcoming webinars to add to the calendar - and AOCS members have exclusive access to our webinar archive.
Plus, as you know, AOCS membership includes a plethora of resources in the Premium Content Library, AOCS journals, and more. Invite your colleagues into the AOCS world today!

View the listing of our newest members on the AOCS Premium Content Library.

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