Friday, May 29, 2020

EAT Virtual Roundtable & Happy Hour

The EAT ESC team leaders were thrilled to host the first-ever Virtual Roundtable & Happy Hour. The over 20 attendees ranged from students to post-docs to professionals from all over the world, including Argentina, Canada, Belgium, the USA, and Mexico. To introduce themselves, attendees explained their fun Zoom background image – including cats, kids, space and landscapes of Ireland and Montreal – and told a joke; the overall tenor of the meeting truly felt like a family reunion.

In terms of Division business, the deadlines for 2021 AOCS Awards were discussed. Vice Chair Kaustuv provided background on the development of the EAT Division Session over the past few years and some strategies on to how to continue development. This explanation led to a robust discussion of 2021 meeting topics.

While the division is still finalizing topics, the true benefit of this conversation was broadening the defined scope of the EAT division to include the structuring of food, which may lead to the emergence of sessions that address the plant-based and vegan trend in food next year. The topics discussed include crystallization behavior of fat, implication of lipids structuring in food application, phase transition and interfacial phenomena in complex food systems and understanding frying oil.

Finally, Supratim Ghosh, chairperson, is looking for volunteers for the division: namely, a Co-Newsletter Editor, a Social Media Champion, a Webinar Organizer, and a few Awards evaluators. If you are interested, please contact Supratim at

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