Thursday, May 21, 2020

AOCS Corporate Member Spotlight: JST Global

We took some time to speak with Tony Mendez, the JST Global’s Corporate Member Representative, to learn more about what JST Global, LLC does and what the company hopes to gain from joining AOCS.

Tell AOCS a bit about your company: 

Founded in 1857, Jacob Stern & Sons is among the longest-running family-owned businesses in America. Having evolved from its roots in hide trading, Jacob Stern is a leading distributor of oleochemicals through its Acme-Hardesty division, located in Blue Bell, PA, and is the largest US exporter of tallow. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, Jacob Stern is built upon the values passed down from its founder: respect, integrity and dependability. Those values, which are ingrained in the company’s culture, have been rewarded with long-standing relationships and an impeccable reputation. “Jacob Stern and Tyson Fresh Meats have enjoyed a strong relationship for over 50 years. Combining Tyson’s vast supply of animal fats with Jacob Stern’s Texas operations is a natural evolution and positions JST Global to meet growing worldwide demand,” sancid Phil Bernstein, Chairman, Jacob Stern & Sons.

Why did you join AOCS as a Bronze Member? 

Taking on the role of Quality Control manager, I joined to enhance my knowledge through networking, journals and all the resources available.

What do you hope to accomplish by joining AOCS? 

JST Global hopes to get AOCS Certification and networking opportunities out of our new AOCS membership.

Describe your work and explain what big challenge or problem your work is trying to solve. How do you hope or how has AOCS helped in solving this challenge? 

I oversee quality control for our facility in Houston, I have two Lab Techs that are in training and look forward to when they are also AOCS Certified Technicians for “Tallow and Grease”. We have been viewed as the lab to go to when you have questions about tallow. Rob Poullard has been with the company for 41 years and will be retiring soon. Someone will need to fill his shoes. He is continuing as Chairperson with AOCS for Tallow and Grease.

How has your company been affected by COVID-19? And what are you doing to combat that change? 

COVID-19 has affected our supply chain as meat packing houses close around the US. We expect it to be only temporary and being a commodities-based business, prices fluctuate with the swings in supply and demand. For us, it has been business as usual.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with AOCS. We are thrilled to have you as part of our community.

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