Tuesday, May 26, 2020

AOCS Corporate member spotlight: Barrow Agee Laboratories

Sterling Bollman, the head of Advertising, Sponsorship Sales at AOCS, had a conversation with Roger Beers, CEO of Barrow-Agee Laboratories. In this conversation, we learned about innovations Barrow-Agee has developed and what really sets them apart from their competitors. So, please enjoy our inaugural Corporate Member Spotlight and learn more about Barrow-Agee Laboratories.

Thanks for taking some time to learn more about Barrow-Agee! In your own words, what products or services does Barrow-Agee Laboratories offer? 

Barrow-Agee Laboratories provides more than 1,000 accredited tests and analytical services pertaining to quality, safety and composition of Animal Feed & Human Food. We specialize in end-to-end support for the feed/food industry and partner with processors, distributors and businesses throughout the United States.

What would you say differentiates Barrow-Agee Laboratories from companies in the same space as yours? 

Barrow-Agee Laboratories has been a leading food-safety testing services provider for more than 100 years. Our advanced facilities, testing equipment and internal processes allow us to start most tests within a few hours of receipt and complete them in only 3 to5 business days, with expedited testing available. Each year, our team completes approximately 2,000,000 tests — a benchmark that we are on course to lift even higher this year. We are also one of only 10 NOPA/AOCS certified referee laboratories in the United States.

Perhaps, most notable is Barrow-Agee Laboratories can partner with our clients in a variety of ways. From serving as an extension of our clients’ internal labs during high-demand times to providing complete, managed testing for all our clients’ needs, our company has the flexibility to scale flexibly with our clients and meet their needs regardless of circumstance.

What is a recent innovation of Barrow-Agee Laboratories that you would like to draw attention to? 

Most recently, Barrow-Agee Laboratories invested in a new laboratory information management system (LIMS). This new system translates into better overall experiences for our customers by giving them better access to reporting, a streamlined user interface, immediate access to test results, notifications and alerts, customized reporting, and more.

Obviously, this has been a challenging year for many companies. What do you view as the biggest challenge for Barrow-Agee in the coming months? 

We believe that our greatest challenge is also our greatest opportunity. The food industry is under greater scrutiny than ever, and other recent events have necessitated more frequent and transparent testing and reporting. This translates into increased demand, and we have already modified our internal operations to support that demand. The impact of COVID-19 also spans beyond individual health and into our clients’ industries. We believe that a response will be greater scrutiny of those industries to ensure consumer safety.

Well Roger, thank you so much for your time! I hope everyone has learned a bit more about Barrow-Agee Laboratories. One final question before I let you go, why is being a corporate member of AOCS important to you and your company? 

Barrow-Agee Laboratories considers our role in the food industry and among other labs as one of social responsibility. Our services help to keep consumers across the country safe and healthy — whether that is through food products, animal feeds or other goods. Membership with AOCS enables us to not only share our learnings and perspective with industry partners but also learn from them. Together, we collectively elevate the industry to new heights, protect and enhance critical standards, advance our capabilities through innovation and preparation and ensure the well-being of those we serve. 

Thanks for reading and a big thank you to Roger Beers and his colleagues at Barrow-Agee Laboratories for taking the time to be the first Corporate Member Spotlight! Be sure to check back next month to see who we feature next! Make sure to follow Barrow Agee Laboratories on LinkedIn, Facebook or sign up for their newsletter! 

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