Sunday, April 26, 2020

One more thank you to all AOCS volunteers

While Volunteer Week has officially ended, AOCS knows that our volunteers' work happens year-round. We are so grateful for the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers we featured this week and many more beyond whom we could highlight. Here’s a quick recap of who we featured, which we hope will serve as a virtual round of applause for all AOCS volunteers.

Sunday, April 19th: The Governing Board

Thank you to the entire 2019-2020 Governing Board for their outstanding leadership in the past year. We particularly wanted to highlight our outgoing Governing Board members, Len Sidisky, Leon Pablo Espinosa, Magdi Mossoba and Dilip K. Nakhasi. Read more.

Monday April 20th: The AOCS Journals' Editors and Peer Reviewers 

Thank you to all the editors and peer reviewers who lend their expertise, time and energy to the society's journals. We are thankful for the leadership of our editors-in-chief: Jim Kenar, Journal of American Oil Chemists' Society; Doug Hayes, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents; and Graham Burdge, Lipids. Doug and Graham started their roles earlier this year. We would also like to thank former editors-in-chief, Eric J. Murphy and George A. Smith, both of whom stepped down this year. Read more.

Tuesday April 21st: The Annual Meeting Program Committee

Thank you to the Annual Meeting Program Committee, whose dedication and service helped put together our 2020 Annual Meeting. We wanted to recognize their hard work despite the decision to cancel the meeting for the safety of all who would have attended. Read more.

Wednesday April 22nd: The Recognition Program Committee

Thank you to the Recognition Program Committee for their hard work in helping to provide direction for the AOCS Awards Program and advises the Governing Board on all policies, rules and procedures for over 50 awards and honors, including Society, Scientific, Division, Student and Poster Competition Awards. We particularly want to thank the committee’s outgoing members, Moghis U. Ahmad and Dharma R. Kodali, for their service. Read more.

Thursday April 23rd: The Student Common Interest Group Leadership Team

Thank you to our Student Common Interest Group leadership team, the Society’s youngest leaders and volunteers. This group organizes Annual Meeting get-togethers, arranges webinars and keeps students connected. Read more.

Friday April 24th: The Technical Services Committees

Thanks to our Technical Services Committees who help professionals in the world of fats, oils, lipids, proteins and surfactants forward scientific progress using best practices. Read more.

Saturday April 25th: The Division Executive Steering Committee

Thank you to our outgoing Division Executive Steering Committee Members. Division Volunteers put the “family” in #AOCSisfamily and help members build connections, both professional and personal. Read more.

AOCS volunteers are so essential to making the society run and enriching the experience of all AOCS community members. We are so grateful for our volunteers.

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