Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Omega-3s and Brain Injury -One Person's Story

AOCS Governing Board member Dr. Douglas Bibus sent us the following story of Virginia teenager Bobby Ghassemi, who, in 2010, suffered a very serious brain injury in a car crash. After receiving intravenous fish oil, Bobby enjoyed a remarkable recovery.

Dear Friends,

I got to meet the young man in this story at a recent conference.  He sat right next to me.  It was one of the more emotionally moving events in my work life and reaffirms what I have always held dear and what Dr Holman always taught...Nutrition Matters! 

Dr Lewis described the horrible injuries that Bobby had sustained in a car accident.  He then described Bobby's father's desperate attempts to save his young sons life.  What we all thought would be a tragic end for Bobby (in the span of the lecture) was met with Dr Lewis calling Bobby up on stage.  None of us realized Bobby was in attendence.  As Bobby walked ac cross the stage, smiled and introduced himself, no eye was dry in the entire conference room. 

Bobby's father pleaded with the neurosurgeon to give him fish oil, my colleague Dr Mike Lewis convinced the dismissive neurologist that omega 3s were only nutrition and at the course of this young mans care how could it hurt.  They had already been told that Bobby would not survive from his head injury.  The outcome was happily different.  Thanks Dr Lewis for your persistence and care and thank you Bobby for your will to heal, thrive and live.

Doug Bibus


You can read more about Bobby Ghassemi in the article by Craig Weatherby  "Teen’s Brain Saved by Omega-3s? Crash victim’s remarkable recovery echoes coal miner’s “miracle” story and fits with lab studies" as well as the CNN story "Fish oil helped save our son".

Thank you Dr. Bibus for writing. And thank you for reading. 


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