Monday, October 1, 2012


AOCS awards are now open.

AOCS awards recognize achievements and contributions to the profession, industry, Society and encourage future progress. The program has a rich history of recognizing some of the world leaders in fats and oils community.

The first award AOCS (then known as the Society of Cotton Products Analysts – SCPA) presented was the Smalley award in 1919 to G.C. Hulbert. Over the next 50 years, awards came and went. Awards during those years were mainly to recognize talks at the Society’s annual meeting and laboratory proficiency sampling. 

The current program can be traced back to 1964 when the Honored Student and Supelco/Nicholas Pelick-AOCS Research (formerly known as the Lipid Chemistry Award) awards were first presented. The current program recognizes accomplishments by individuals and teams– ranging from long-time AOCS members who have spent years in their specialties to graduate students who are just beginning their careers.

Do you know someone who should be recognized for their research contributions, authored an excellent journal article, taken the industry to the next level, or have leveraged their knowledge for the benefit of the society? Consider nominating them for an AOCS award. Self-nominations are accepted too.

Visit the Awards program website for deadlines, nomination requirements, and applications. Don't delay — October 15 is the first nomination deadline.

Some Upcoming Award Deadlines:

October 15:
Stephen S. Chang Award
Student Awards

November 1:
AOCS Young Scientist Research Award
Supelco/Nicholas Pelick–AOCS Research Award
AOCS Corporate Achievement Award

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