Monday, October 15, 2012

News and Notes for Monday October 15, 2012

Oil Crops Outlook
The USDA Economic Research Service has released its latest monthly report which "... examines supply, use, prices, and trade for oil crops (primarily soybeans and products), including supply and demand prospects in major importing and exporting countries. Includes information on cottonseed, peanuts, sunflowerseed, tropical oils, corn oil, and animal fats ..."  Read the October 12, 2012 USDA ERS Oil Crops Outlook report (.pdf).

Omega-3 Sustainability
From the Antarctic to the Pacific Ocean, suppliers of marine omega-3 oils implement best fishing practices to convince retailers and consumers that fishing the seas for oil-rich creatures can be done responsibly.  Read more from Nutritional Outlook.

The USITC Investigation of the Olive Oil Market: Thoughts from Legal Experts
The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has launched an investigation into the global competitiveness of the U.S. commercial olive oil industry. The investigation, Olive Oil: Conditions of Competition between U.S. and Major Foreign Supplier Industries, was requested by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means and has the making to be quite interesting, as to issues raised and contested, and implications for future trade actions. Read more from the Olive Oil Times.

Natural Oils Show Promise Against Beetles in Avocados
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are coming up with new strategies to combat a beetle threatening the nation's avocado trees. Read more from ScienceDaily.

New Technology Shows Promise for Producing Biosynthetic Natural Gas
Technology developed at EPFL and the Paul Scherrer Institute to transform microorganisms into methane gas will be presented at the Swiss Energy and Climate Summit taking place this week in Bern. The technology could play a role in the future sustainable production of biosynthetic natural gas.  Read more at

Biochemistry: Signs of the times
Doris de Guzman provides a great blog post regarding  2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry going to two American scientists Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz and Dr. Brian K. Kobilka who are credited with discovering the inner workings of G-protein-coupled- receptors. Read more at the Green Chemicals Blog.

For The Scientific Spirit: 7 Websites For Science Questions & Answers

MakeUseOf  reviews and lists the top 7 websites to post and answer scientific questions. Hve you used any of these sites to anser your scientific queries? See the sites.

Upcoming Events October 2012
See the AOCS Events Calendar.

16-19 2012 Annual Conference of the Association of Laboratory Managers
San Antonio, Texas, USA

17-19 9th Lipidomics Meeting
Paris Jussieu, France

17-19 Algae Europe 2012
Milan, Italy

21-25 American Society of Agronomy-Crop Science Society of America-Soil Science Society of American 2012 International Annual Meetings
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

23-24 2012 Food Integrity Summit
Chicago, Illinois, USA

28-31 8th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (ISBAB)
Sonoma, California, USA

29-30 Basic Polymers (October 29) and Advanced Polymers (October 30)
Newark, New Jersey, USA

29-31 Singapore 2012: World Conference on Fabric and Home Care
Where global leaders shape the future of the fabric and home care industry to enhance our quality of life.
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

29-31 Advanced Biofuels Markets
San Francisco, California, United States


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