Monday, October 8, 2012

News and Notes for Monday October 8, 2012

The 10 Professions That Drink The Most Coffee
A new survey shows coffee seems to be a necessity on the job in a wide variety of careers...with 'scientist' ranking second. Read more from CareerBuilder.

Gevo Issued New Patent on Method to Improve Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and Amino Acids
Gevo, Inc, a leading renewable chemicals and next-generation biofuels company, said today that it has been issued a new patent, US Patent No. 8,273,565, entitled "Methods of Increasing Dihydroxy Acid Dehydratase Activity to Improve Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and Amino Acids."  The new patent covers suppression of a glutaredoxin protein called GRX3. In combination with other Gevo patented technologies, deletion of GRX3 significantly increases the production of isobutanol by yeast cellsRead the news release at Reuters.

Trans fat linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus
A new study in the journal of Obesity suggests that eating trans fat or trans fatty acids may increase risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus even if the calorie intake is not excessive.  Read more from Food Consumer. 

What Your Food Labeling Really Means
A study says that those who are watching their weight are more likely to be deceived by food labeling. Read more at Medical Daily.

Could fish waste generate high-value products?
The commercial viability of the use of marine-derived peptones to produce high-value products via fermentation will be examined through a project led by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and Norway-based Marine Bioproducts AS (MB).  Read more at FiS.

Seeking Experts in Hair or Skin Science
NineSigma is seeking experts in the areas of hair, facial hair or skin to participate in a range of compensated activities, including consulting, testing and research opportunities.Ideal candidates will have specific knowledge, demonstrated expertise, and/or ongoing research regarding the physiology, biology, chemistry and physical properties of skin or facial hair.
To apply for this Expert Request, please register with NineSigma ( AND submit a CV or resume to Following registration, visit the Request page ( and click "Ask To Join This Group" for the Expert Group referenced in the title above to finalize your application.
Please note that this is a rapid identification project. All responses must be received no later than 12:00AM EST on Monday, October 15th, 2012.

Upcoming Events October 2012
See the AOCS Events Calendar.

08-12 American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) 31st Annual Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

11-12 Process Safety Training
Burr Ridge, Illinois, USA

15-16 Snackfoods Technology Platform America
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

15-17 International Conference on Biothreats and Biodefense
Chicago, Illinois, USA

16-19 2012 Annual Conference of the Association of Laboratory Managers
San Antonio, Texas, USA

17-19 9th Lipidomics Meeting
Paris Jussieu, France

17-19 Algae Europe 2012
Milan, Italy

21-25 American Society of Agronomy-Crop Science Society of America-Soil Science Society of American 2012 International Annual Meetings
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

23-24 2012 Food Integrity Summit
Chicago, Illinois, USA

28-31 8th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (ISBAB)
Sonoma, California, USA

29-30 Basic Polymers (October 29) and Advanced Polymers (October 30)
Newark, New Jersey, USA

29-31 Singapore 2012: World Conference on Fabric and Home Care
Where global leaders shape the future of the fabric and home care industry to enhance our quality of life.
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

29-31 Advanced Biofuels Markets
San Francisco, California, United States

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