Monday, August 20, 2012

News and Notes for Monday August 20, 2012

China worries about social fallout of soybean oil price jump
News that the U.S. Midwest drought could cause the price of China's soybean oil to skyrocket leaves the nation looking for ways to ensure price stability. Read more at the LA Times.

IOM, FDA 'intrigued' by potential economic impact of increasing omega-3 intakes: GOED
Representatives from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) are said to have been "intrigued" by the potential economic impact of increasing intakes of omega-3 EPA and DHA, following a meeting between GOED, IOM, and FDA.  Read more.

Olive Oil May Protect Bones
A study to be published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that consumption of olive oil for 2 years resulted in an increase of osteocalcin in the bone. Read more from The Olive Oil Times.

BASF, Cargill and Novozymes target commercial bio-based acrylic acid process
BASF, Cargill and Novozymes have signed an agreement to develop technologies to produce acrylic acid from renewable raw materials. Read more about thus joint R&D project.

Solazyme granted registration for algae-derived, renewable diesel fuel
Solazyme, Inc, a renewable oil and bioproducts company, has been granted registration for SoladieselRD fuel—algae-derived, renewable diesel fuel—by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This registration enables SoladieselRD to be sold commercially either in blended and unblended (R100) forms. Read more from FIS.

Verdezyne Announces Issuance of US Patent on Method for Producing Bio-Based Adipic Acid
Verdezyne, Inc. has been granted a United States Patent for a bio-based adipic acid production process. U.S. Patent No. 8,241,879, titled "Biological Methods for Preparing Adipic Acid," covers one of the company's proprietary processes for selectively converting non-petroleum oils into adipic acid. Read the news release.

Opinion: Scientists’ Intuitive Failures

Much of what researchers believe about the public and effective communication is wrong. Read more from The Scientist about the recent 2-day forum on the “Science of Science Communication .


The Northern Crops Institute is searching for a Director of Technical Services and Business Development. View the job posting. 

Upcoming Events August 2012
See the AOCS Events Calendar.

20-22 2nd World Congress on Vaccines & Vaccination
Chicago, Illinois, USA

23-25 Regulation of protein trafficking and function by palmitoylation
Oxford, United Kingdom

26-30 4th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress
Prague, Czech Republic

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  1. Will they also include food grade hydraulic oil reviews? This might actually help in resolving soybean oil price jump. We have to find more ways to look for other alternatives and see how will it work without even expecting bad effect.