Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's in the mail!

Watch for them - 2013 membership dues invoice!

Ever wondered how the invoices for membership were mailed?
Perhaps you thought AOCS contracted with a fulfillment center? – Nope.
Or, perhaps a local printer? –  Nope.

Wonder no more! The answer is: We handle all invoices in-house.

Folding invoices, stuffing inserts, closing envelops – 4000 times.  And yes, we do enjoy it. We look for familiar names within our stack of invoices, wonder why we don’t see a familiar name within that stack, and talk amongst ourselves of when we last saw the familiar name within our stack.

Membership billing, the old fashion way, reconnects us to our members. It’s also a time for many of us to swap recipes, review movies, chat about our families, and take a morning to reconnect with our work friends. A future post will have a photo of the membership billing process. I hope you enjoy seeing AOCS staff at work.

Taken as a whole, AOCS is much greater than a simple society for oil chemists; AOCS is an organization where you get to meet and interact with men and women of insights from around the world and all areas of expertise. Once you Experience AOCS, you’ll experience our member centered culture where we succeed when you succeed. 

AOCS President, Professor Deland Myers, message to new members highlights 3 key strengths of being part of this organization.
1) Enlighten you intellectually as you interact and meet key scientists and technicians,
2) grow professionally by volunteering in Society committee work, and
3) develop friendships that cross diverse regions (geographic, technical, and type). 

Prof. Myers thanks you for choosing AOCS and together we can make AOCS the strongest society in the world.

Make sure you are receiving and capitalizing on all AOCS benefits. Please let me know how AOCS can help you succeed.  And look for your membership invoice to arrive soon. It was handled personally by me (okay, all the staff).

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