Friday, August 24, 2012

News and Notes for Friday August 24, 2012

Ford Works with USB to Develop Soy-based Materials
Ford Motor Company is working with the United Soybean Board to help research, develop and implement soybean-based materials into their products to take the place of petroleum-based materials and improve the sustainability footprint of their operations.  Read more from Ag Wired.

Edible Oil Dispersant Tackles Spill Cleanup Problem
A new oil dispersant made primarily of edible ingredients could provide a more environmentally friendly way to clean up slicks and spills. Read more at

Writing the Book in DNA: Geneticist Encodes His Book in Life's Language
Using next-generation sequencing technology and a novel strategy to encode 1,000 times the largest data size previously achieved in DNA, a Harvard geneticist encodes his book in life's language. Read more from ScienceDaily.

Synthetic Biology Market is Expected to Reach USD 16.7 Billion Globally in 2018
According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research "Synthetic Biology Market, Global Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Share and Forecast, 2012 - 2018", global Synthetic biology market was worth USD 1,537.5 million in 2011. Read the news release.

GMO Foods: To Label Or Not To Label?
Plant pathologist Dr. Steve Savage provides his opinion and look at historical precedents for food labeling. Read more at Science 2.0.

Austin's scientific legend passes away
Ralph T. Holman, who'scrowning achievement was to name the Omega-3 fatty acids, passed away at 94.  Read more from the Austin Herald as well as 'A tribute to Dr. Ralph T. Holman' on this blog.


ACS will present (for free!) the webinar 'How to Catch a Poisoner' on Thursday August 30, 2012.
"Deborah Blum, Pulitzer-prize winning science writer and author of “The Poisoner’s Handbook”, tells the story of the two scientists who invented forensic medicine and figured out how to catch killers that used an almost invisible weapon. Learn the history of poison, murder, and forensic investigation.  "
Abstract Alerts

Effect of the type of fat on rheology, functional properties and sensory acceptance of spreadable cheese analogue.
Cunha, C. R., Grimaldi, R., Alcântara, M. R. and Viotto, W. H. (2012). International Journal of Dairy Technology. Read the abstract.

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