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Surfactants and Detergents Division Newsletter - The Highlight Reel

Last week the AOCS Division Newsletters went are the highlights for S & D...

Surfactants and Detergents Division News

Institute for Applied Surfactant Research (IASR) at the University of Oklahoma

The mission of IASR is to study the fundamentals of industrially important problems in surfactants. The center is celebrating its 25th year of operation in 2012; currently, IASR consists of eight faculty members drawn from three departments at OU. The IASR industrial consortium consists of twelve sponsors from major consumer product formulators, surfactant manufacturers, oil service and oil companies, and industrial and institutional (I&I) product formulators. IASR has also performed contract research for numerous companies in various industries including consumer products, pharmaceuticals, oil producers, surfactant suppliers, and environmental remediation. These projects permit our students to gain experience in industrial-based research and allow for interaction with company scientists, thereby better preparing our students for rapid start-up in an industrial environment. IASR graduates also hold faculty positions in universities globally.

Currently, we have four major focus areas:
·  Consumer Product Formulation
·  Surfactants at the Solid-Liquid Interface
·  Surfactant-Based Environmental Technologies
·  Surfactant-Enhanced Oil Recovery

These focus areas are constantly evolving; we are responsive to our sponsor’s needs and the marketplace in general. Faculty from the Center publish approximately 20 papers/year in refereed, archival journals and we perform both experimental and computational studies. Our participation in S&D Division technical sessions and in Division activities is well known; IASR members and alumni have held all of the important offices in the Division and we are very proud that many of our graduate students have won major  AOCS student awards. If you desire more information about the Institute, please contact the Director, Brian Grady, or visit our website

AOCS to Host Singapore 2012: World Conference on Fabric and Home Care
AOCS is excited to announce that it will host Singapore 2012: World Conference on Fabric and Home Care from October 29-31, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. The conference will continue the tradition of the Montreux World Conference, a premier industry event held every four years in Montreux, Switzerland.

With the overall theme of “Driving Performance through Sustainable Innovation,” Singapore 2012 is expected to gather executives and decision-makers from across the globe who will influence the future of the fabric and home care industry. Keynote speakers include:

  • Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever, United Kingdom
  • Bob McDonald, CEO, The Procter & Gamble Co., USA
  • Motoki Ozaki, CEO, Kao Corporation, Japan

“It is a rare opportunity to hear from the CEOs of Unilever, The Procter & Gamble Company, and Kao Corporation at one conference,” said J. Keith Grime, General Chair. “I believe this in and of itself speaks to the quality of the program and importance of this global conference.”

The conference will also feature an industry exhibition with leading services, suppliers, and products. For more information and to register, visit the conference webpage.

Upcoming Events in 2012

ACS Spring 2012 National Meeting & Exposition
March 25-29
San Diego, California
This meeting will focus on research associated with understanding of the chemistry of life, both at the molecular and macroscopic levels.

103rd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo
April 29-May 2
Long Beach, California

Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 2012 Annual Scientific Seminar 

May 31-June 1
Charleston, South Carolina

86th ACS Colloids and Surfaces Symposium
June 10-13
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

19th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution (SIS2012)
June 24-28
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

ACS Fall 2012 National Meeting & Expo
September 19-23
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This meeting will focus on the latest advancements in biomaterials research as they are related to health and medicine.

27th IFSCC Congress 2012
October 15-18
Johannesburg, South Africa 

Singapore 2012: World Conference on Fabric and Home Care
October 29-31


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