Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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DSM Nutritional Products is seeking a Stability Modeling Scientist. Job Posting.

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Secretary Vilsack Receives Applause for Farm-Grown Renewable Energy at Commodity Classic and Town Hall Broadcast
blog.usda- Earlier this month, Secretary Tom Vilsack received a warm welcome from the record breaking crowd of more than 6,000 farmers, ranchers and farm industry leaders at the General Session of the 2012 Commodity Classic in Nashville. Read the article.

VEGOILS-Palm oil rally loses some steam, exports eyed
Reuters- But sentiment is still fairly bullish as market players expect Malaysia's strong export trend to continue as big buyers like China may increase edible oil shipments. Read the article.

Edible oil processing - enzymatic degumming
The benefit of using enzymes as auxiliary agents in degumming vegetable oils is that it reduces total oil loss in the degumming process. Obviously, reduction of oil losses must pay for the enzyme cost, plus additional energy (power and heat) and additional capital costs required in the plant when compared to conventional processes (water degumming or acid degumming, caustic refining). It is the opinion of the authors that the apparent slow advance of enzyme degumming is, in great part, due to the lack of reliable, independent data on total process performance, which allows for the calculation of process economics. Read more at The Lipid Library.

ADM introduces Sustainable Grower Program for Canadian canola
Biodiesel Magazine-In order to comply with European export market requirements, the entire supply chain related to biodiesel feedstock production must meet the European standard for sustainability. Read the article.

SPX Acquires Seital, a Global Supplier of Separator and Clarifier TechnologiesMarketWatch- Applications include dairy, wine, beverages and essential oils, as well as oils and fats. "Seital is a very well-respected manufacturer of high quality separators, clarifiers and other components that play a critical role in a wide array of food. Read the article.


AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo -Early Rate for Registration and Housing Expires March 29
Register and reserve your hotel by March 29, for reduced rates.

LPP Enrollment Due
A reminder that early enrollment forms for the 2012-13 AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP) are due to AOCS with payment by Sunday, April 1. We are also now accepting applications for the Approved Chemist program, which can be downloaded here. 

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