Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Agricultural Microscopy Division Newsletter Highlights

Agricultural Microscopy Division News

Annual Meeting Preview
by Marge McCutcheon (AM Division Ex-Officio)

The 103rd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo will be held April 29 to May 2 in Long Beach, California, and we are very excited to present to you the 2012 Ag Microscopy Division session schedule.  Please note that this schedule includes meeting times for officers and Division attendees, luncheon, and lecture times. Also note, however, that times and locations are subject to change; consult the Annual Meeting webpage, which is continually updated, for the most accurate information.

We are also pleased to announce that we will be presenting a joint session on Tuesday afternoon with the Processing Division and the AACC. This session will focus on topics concerning traceability of bulk materials and should be of interest to a broad audience of attendees including the AM Division.  We’d like to thank Dr. Charles Hurburgh for giving us the opportunity to work with him and his colleagues on this important topic.  To quote Dr. Hurburgh,
“this workshop and scientific discussion was assembled to present the state of the art in bulk materials traceability and promote scientific exchange among participants on a topic of generic value to all in the grain to food, feed, or fuel supply chain.” 
Traceability as a management tool for food/feed safety and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will be covered from all angles.

Discussion on Rice and Rice Bran Oil at the Division Luncheon
At Monday’s Division luncheon Glenn Kobata and Patricia Ramsey will present a discussion on rice, including growing, uses, and major products, with special attention to rice bran oil. Please remember that this is a ticketed event; don't forget to buy your ticket when you register!


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