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Protein and Co-Products Division News

Highlights from the Spring Protein and Co-Products Division Newsletter.

AOCS Protein and Co-Products Division News

The AOCS Books and Special Publications Committee continues to solicit ideas for book projects. Our Division has been approached to consider publishing books on any topic relating to proteins and co-products.  I hope those of you interested will answer this call by providing an outline of your book idea; contact Jodey Schonfeld  at AOCS for more information.

Dr. Rotimi Aluko, Professor in the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, attended the conference of the International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF) that took place in Sapporo, Japan, November 14-17, 2011. Rotimi would like to share his experience at the conference and highlight the topics that related to protein and co-products:

The fourth ISNFF conference was dedicated to the science, technology, regulation, and marketing of functional foods. The conference was formally opened in the afternoon of Monday, November 14, with three excellent keynote lectures, which were then followed by three concurrent technical sessions. The evening concluded with a poster viewing session and a welcome reception.
Days 2 through 4 followed a similar routine of keynote lectures and concurrent technical sessions. Technical sessions that relate to “Proteins and Co-Products” included “Bioactive amino acids, peptides and proteins,” “Anti-inflammatory pyroglutamyl peptides,” and “Marine Nutraceuticals 2.” Overall, there were 12 keynote lectures, 143 technical session oral presentations, and 130 posters that covered all aspects of functional foods. Attendance at the technical sessions was very heavy and in some cases it was standing room only. There were also luncheon seminars on days 2 and 3 that featured very interesting lectures mostly from industry perspectives and provided a good picture of the applied aspects of functional foods.
The congress gala dinner was held on the third day and featured exquisite Japanese cuisine, wine, and of course lots of Sapporo beer. Attendees were also entertained during the gala dinner by the spectacular high octane performance of a Japanese drum beating group. The conference wrapped up with a city-wide tour on Thursday, November 18, that took participants to the main university as well as a government food research center and the newly constructed manufacturing facilities of Amino Up Chemical Company (manufacturers of a polyphenol-enriched functional drink). One of the notable aspects of the conference that left a long-lasting memory is the excellent hospitality of the Japanese people, which you can feel right from the airport to the city center and hotel.


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