Friday, February 5, 2021

Determining protein and fat in plant-based foods

Researchers from BUCHI Laboratory Equipment have demonstrated the use of high-throughput methods to extract fat and quantify protein in a range of plant-based food samples with protein from different sources including soy, wheat and pea.

The fat and protein contents of five commercially available plant-based foods were determined using BUCHI’s standard automated fat extraction and Kjeldahl solutions.

The determined values for fat and protein content were in close agreement to the labelled nutrient content and delivered good repeatability with a relative standard deviation of 2% or less.

The standard application parameters can be used, and no specific adaptation for these types of samples was necessary

More information is available in our recent report written by Claudia Blum, the Global Product Manager for Extraction solutions and Nicolai Kraut a Product Specialist for Kjeldahl and Extraction who both work at BUCHI Labortechnik AG in Switzerland.

Dwnload the report for free

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