Friday, December 4, 2020

Midweek Mixers so far!

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Midweek Mixers have taken off and if you have not yet joined one, you should!! These events are designed to be a fun space for you to connect with new and long-time colleagues over technical topics, common interests, your AOCS member benefits and more!

No matter where you are in the world, no matter the time of year, we want you to have a space to connect with fellow AOCS community members with common interests. Whether you want to learn, network, collaborate, engage in business development or just socialize with colleagues to unwind, Midweek Mixers are your destination.

Registration is free. You will receive instructions for how to join the Mixer after you register. You do not have to be a member of AOCS to participate, so feel free to invite your colleagues and friends.

Read on to learn what Midweek Mixers AOCS we have on the horizon and the Mixers we have hosted so far

To keep fully up to date, be sure to check the new AOCS Midweek Mixers page on

December's Upcoming Midweek Mixer

EAT Division leaders, Kaustuv Bhattacharya of DuPont Nutrition & Health and Andrew Gravelle of the University of Guelph will host a social gathering for AOCS members to network, connect and learn to navigate your AOCS member benefits!  

Register for this Mixer, which will occur on December 8 at 8 a.m. CST (UTC–06/Chicago, USA).

The theme for this Mixer will be seasonal recipes — it is after all hosted by the EAT Division. Whatever season it is where you are, what do you like to make/bake/cook for yourself, family, friends and loved ones! Bonus points if you bring a dish that is rich in fats, oils and/or proteins! 
Come prepared to tell us what you hope to get out of EAT Division membership or, if you are a long-time member, what you have found valuable about your EAT Division membership. 

By attending this Mixer, you will be entered to win an iPad!

This Midweek Mixer will occur on December 8 at 8 a.m. CST (UTC–06/Chicago, USA). Registration is free for all, including those who are not AOCS members! Invite friends and colleagues to network with other AOCS and EAT Division members and get to know AOCS more generally.

*Domestic winners only. If an international winner is selected, an equivalent prize will be awarded. Must be present at time of drawing to win.


Past Midweek Mixers

Let’s talk about your edible oil sample preparation struggles - a conversation with Lovibond

Hosted: September 23, 2020

Lovibond, this Midweek Mixer’s host, kicked off the event with a round of edible oils trivia. Then, Mixer attendees engaged in a conversation about what can reduce measurement interference such as sample preparation, sample temperature, contaminated or damaged sample cells, instrument maintenance and cleanliness, cell path length relative to color scale and incorrect color scale for verification.   

Mixer highlights include:

  • Rick DellaPorta "winning" the Midweek Mixer trivia game
  • Emphasis on the all-important issue of cleaning cuvettes and the effect of temperature on possible measurement aberrations
  • A discussion over sources for healthy alternative oils

October Monthly Membership Midweek Mixer

Hosted: October 13, 2020

AOCS hosted its first orientation to AOCS for new members in this recent Midweek Mixer. AOCS member hosts Leann Barden and Steve Hill were a hit, helping members connect even in our fully remote times. 

Mixer highlights:

  • An overview of AOCS, including, inform|connect as well as a variety of AOCS communications
  • A chance to get to know all who joined the Mixer
  • Yixiang Wang won an AOCS glass beaker tumbler
  • Priscilla Costa won an AOCS flask mug

How peer reviewing can help you professionally!

Hosted: November 2, 2020

The peer-review process is an important step for improving research paper quality; however, less is known about the standardized review process. This Mixer hosted by the Student Common Interest Group provided a platform for attendees to share their reviewing experiences and ask questions about how to get involved, best review practices and more. Other topics that were discussed include how to balance research and reviewing and the benefits of reviewing are professionally and intellectually. This Mixer was both an informative session on how peer reviewing can enhance professional development and an opportunity for attendees to network with peers also interested in journal reviewing.

Mixer highlights include:

November’s Membership Midweek Mixer

Hosted: November 10, 2020

Janet Brown, Director of Membership, AOCS and Katrina Gaffney, AOCS Communication Specialist provided attendees an overview of AOCS resources. Then hosts Rick Theiner and Jill Moser helped attendees get to know each other by facilitating introductions. 

Mixer highlights include:

Mix it Up: A Midweek Mixer for surfactants and detergents professionals!

Hosted: November 17, 2020

AOCS' Surfactants and Detergents (S&D) Division hosted a social gathering for surfactants and detergents professionals to network and connect and learn more about how AOCS can help you grow professionally beyond technical services and annual meetings with opportunities for collaboration, business development and continuing education. Attendees came with your favorite drink whether that was an iced latte, a cocktail or a mocktail and S&D Division leaders, Keith Genco of Arkema, Michael Williams of Evonik and Sanja Natali of Exxon Mobil welcomed new and familiar faces to the event.

Nearly 30 people from around the globe, even as far as Japan, attended and provided details about their area of expertise, affiliations and connected with familiar and new colleagues

  • Fred Holzhauer was this Mixer's grand prize winner!
  • S&D Division Session Chairs encouraged attendees to submit abstracts for both oral and e-poster sessions
  • Chair Keith Genco strongly encouraged this group to continue collaborating with one another as a way to build the next generation of technology
  • Attendees took a fun photo with pets to conclude the get together

We hope to see you at the next Mixer! Stay up to date on the AOCS Midweek Mixers page. 

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