Monday, December 14, 2020

Congratulations to newly minted Emeritus AOCS member: Jerry W King

Each year the AOCS Governing Board has the honor of approving long-term members for Emeritus status. Emeritus Members are those members who either meet qualifications for Retired Member and have completed 35 years of membership in the Society or are Retired Members who have served as a past President, won the AOCS Award of Merit winner or A.R. Baldwin Distinguished Service Award winner and have been accepted as an Emeritus Member with the approval of two-thirds of the Governing Board.

AOCS membership dues are free for the rest of Emeritus members' lives. 

In 2021, 16 long-term members achieved Emeritus membership, which serves as recognition for the hard work and dedication to AOCS. To close out the year, we will be spotlighting many of them. 

Meet Dr. Jerry King

A brief biography: Dr. King has over 55 years of experience in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering and food technology. He has worked in government, industrial, academic and consulting environments. Dr. King has published over 275 documents, including government reports and holds three patents. He is world renown for his expertise and contributions to supercritical fluid (CO2) technology in the fields of food, botanical and natural product processing as well as analytical chemistry and materials science (i.e. packaging, coatings, surface modification and CO2-based cleaning processes). Since 2013, Dr. King has had a focus on consulting, education, and R&D (CFS) related to the natural products and cannabis industries. He is a recognized expert in the fields of extraction, chemistry and the latest CO2 processing technology and has made numerous presentations at many science & engineering conferences.

Can you tell us about your current or past research?

CFS (Jerry King) is an R&D LLC Consultancy currently located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  CEO-Jerry King, Ph.D., provides consulting services particularly in the areas of sub- and super-critical fluid processing (i.e., extraction) and similar pressurized fluid processing, using environmentally benign (green) solvents – including water, ethanol and GRAS-approved media.  Dr. King has over 55 years of experience in the above subject areas, dating back to 1968, as well as a multi-disciplinary background encompassing the areas of physical/analytical chemistry, chemical and food engineering, food technology and industrial applied experience in polymer-packaging and surface chemistry.  CFS (Critical Fluid Symposia), takes its title from the 10th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids (ISSF), for which Dr. King as chairman, organized in 2012. Dr. King's overall extended expertise is in the general area of separation science – both process and analytical, with a particular focus in all aspects of chromatography, including the use of physicochemical chromatography (inverse chromatography) to generate requisite data for engineering design and scale-up.

Dr. King utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to solve a diversity of problems that benefit from his experience involving equal amounts of industrial, governmental, and academic experience.  For 16.5 years, he was the Lead Scientist in the High-Pressure Laboratory at the ARS-USDA, in Peoria, IL, running the High-Pressure Laboratory’s supercritical fluid program, as applied in the sectors of food, natural products, bioenergy, regulatory chemistry and nutraceuticals.  He offers additional experience in the use of compressed water (subcritical water) from his R&D programs at both the USDA and as a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. Since 2013, he has extensively focused on providing consulting services also to the cannabis and hemp industry with regard to processing technology and analytical chemistry. Dr. King lectures widely at many national and international meetings and courses and provides tailored instructional short courses to organizations requiring training/background in the above topical areas.

What was your reaction when you learned you had been made an emeritus member?

Delighted at having achieved this status and honor. 

Can you share your favorite memory or story from your AOCS membership?

Some of my favorite memories connect to several articles about my activities and research being published in INFORM; I also have fond memories of becoming an AOCS Fellow and a winner of the Herbert Dutton Award (Analytical Division) and co-editing two books for AOCS Press.

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