Monday, December 21, 2020

Congratulations to newly minted Emeritus AOCS member: Ian Newton

Each year the AOCS Governing Board has the honor of approving long-term members for Emeritus status. Emeritus Members are those members who either meet qualifications for Retired Member and have completed 35 years of membership in the Society or are Retired Members who have served as a past President, won the AOCS Award of Merit winner or A.R. Baldwin Distinguished Service Award winner and have been accepted as an Emeritus Member with the approval of two-thirds of the Governing Board.

AOCS membership dues are free for the rest of Emeritus members' lives. 

In 2021, 16 long-term members achieved Emeritus membership, which serves as recognition for the hard work and dedication to AOCS. To close out the year, we will be spotlighting many of them. 

Meet Ian Newton

A brief biography: Ian Newton of CERES Consulting was born and received his education in New Zealand, graduating with an Honours Science Degree in Botany and Zoology. Following post-graduate agricultural research, he relocated to Canada.

Following a career in crop agriculture, Ian joined Hoffmann-La Roche in 1979 holding a variety of positions including in Human Nutrition, Canada and eventually Director of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs, DSM Nutritional Products, USA.  He was responsible for the business development of various nutrients, and new ingredients, including LC fatty acids in the late 1990s, and the introduction of Roche/DSM Long Chain fatty acid products to USA/Canada, now encompassing, ocean nutrition marine oils and Martek ARA and DHA algal products. 

Now retired from DSM, Ian manages his consulting business, Ceres Consulting, based in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, specializing in business and product development in the health and nutrition sector. He also consults internationally for governments and global organizations. Ian continues to actively participate in many areas of human nutrition and is a member of the AOCS and ISSFAL, and is keenly involved in advising health-oriented companies.  He is a partner in the Nutrition Capital Network and The Editorial Advisory Board of the Nutrition Business Journal.

A recognized information source on nutritional lipids and active in this field for over thirty years he has published on the nutritional aspects of vitamins, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and nutritional ingredients in a variety of scientific and trade journals and a speaker at national and international nutrition conferences and symposia. 

Can you tell us about your current or past research?

Past research includes crop production of rapeseed, presentations on the benefits of nutritional fatty acids, from infants to the elderly, reviews on the health benefits of vitamins, carotenoids, in human nutrition. Developments in protecting oxidation in LC FA and presenting at various trade and nutrition conferences on the inclusion of FA in foods and supplements for manufacturers and marketers.  

What was your reaction when you learned you had been made an emeritus member?

I was very surprised, since I have not been so active in nutritional lipids in recent years, but I suppose I have still been attending key conferences in nutrition with a focus on fatty acids.

Can you share your favorite memory or story from your AOCS membership?

Meeting and discussing with many of the key researchers in fatty acid nutrition such as Dyerberg,  Leaf,  Uauy, Lands, Salem, Koletzko, Simopolous and many others, as the science, interest and use of LC fatty acids grew dramatically in the early 2000s with so many differing aspects. Ultimately, government recommendations have followed to the benefit of all.

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