Friday, July 20, 2018

Two-minutes with Dr. Karen Murphy from the AOCS Australasian Section

In the June edition of the AAOCS newsletter, we interviewed Dr. Karen Murphy, Senior Lecturer and Accredited Practising Dietician in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at the University of South Australia. Karen obtained a PhD in nutritional biochemistry in Melbourne, before becoming an NHMRC Industry Research Fellow. With more than 50 research papers to her name thus far, her research explores potential cardiovascular effects and cognitive health benefits of dietary patterns, particularly the Mediterranean diet. Karen tells us about what she does with her spare time and time at home. What a busy life you lead Karen! Thanks for sharing.

A typical day for me includes ... 

Well if it is an 'Original Bootcamp' morning I'm up at 4:30 a.m., to train with 40 other recruits from 6–7 a.m. in rain hail or shine! Then on my bike and in to work to shower and start the day. Otherwise up at 6 a.m. to wrangle three kids (under 9!) out of bed, produce a restaurant-style buffet breakfast and nag them to get their bags packed and socks on. School drop off and on my bike into work to face the day. Then after sorting through emails, meeting PhD students, I focus on my research and coordinate the capstone research project course for 3rd year. Then, its home time to produce a feast for all and then off to bed by 8 p.m....yes 8 p.m.!

My favourite part of my job is ...

Mmmm...home time! Kidding. Reading the literature together with evaluating my own work to piece together the way nutrition works to improve health outcomes and the generation of new research ideas.
I love giving presentations to academics, the community, other health professionals and the general population. The satisfaction of presenting and translating nutrition and health messages into easily understandable terms is rewarding, particularly if people walk away from your talk learning just one new thing.

Away from work, I like to ... 

Be active! I love being fit and healthy; it is refreshing and so good for my body and mind. I really enjoy hiking and only earlier this month hiked Ben Lomond in Queenstown, NZ. I enjoy taking the kids on adventures with their bikes. I love Original Bootcamp North Adelaide and being outdoors. I enjoy good food and following Mediterranean diet principles, which include a glass or two of red wine.

If I could meet anyone, it would be ... 

Marie Curie, a strong and intelligent woman, just amazing what she did in her time.

When listening to the radio, I listen to...

I'm a flicker. I enjoy music so will flick stations until I find something I like!

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