Monday, July 23, 2018

Are you on the list of 2018 AOCS Member Recruiters?

On behalf of the AOCS Membership team, I thank everyone for their involvement on inform|connect and support of one another by answering questions and providing additional ideas for further thought. This vibrant community is comprised of members and non-members and it is wonderful to see the interaction and sharing of knowledge.

It is also inspiring to see how impactful our members are in encouraging one another to join AOCS! The long list of individuals below took the time to influence a colleague (or several colleagues) to join the Society, because these members, like many, appreciate the value of the connections that AOCS membership offers.

Do you have a colleague that would benefit from AOCS membership? So, help me make AOCS get FAT by inviting a colleague to AOCS today

Here are some of the details:

  • Active membership dues: US $120  (35% savings!) 
  • Offer good until 8/31/2018; Membership benefits go until 12/31/2018
  • Benefits: 
    • Online access to AOCS journals—all issues and articles every published!
    • Access to presentations from the 2018 AOCS Annual Meeting
    • SAVINGS! On registration fees; Books; and more 
    • Connections--AOCS is a welcoming Society and we will become your Fats Family!

And it is a win-win. For each new Active member you recruit, you earn a $10 Gift Card.  

Thank you to our AOCS member community and the following member recruiters:

Josue Nunez Moya
Mumtaz Haider
George Smith
Doug Bibus
Eric Murphy
Kristin Kerberg
Helen Lew Ngo
Susan Raatz
Grant Mitchell
Louise Sim
Grant Mitchell
Rick Della Porta
Troy Graham
Eddie Baldwin
Mark Matlock
George Smith
Ben Hyde
George Smith
Steven Council
Richard Walton
Troy Graham
Dominic D'Amours
Kellan Finney
Pete Penkert
Julie Duchesne
Scott Bis
Krista Otting
Diliara Iassonova
Jill Winkler-Moser
Timothy P. Durrett
Jens Jacobsen
Jun Ogawa
Manuel Venegas
James LePage
Sue Witeof
Jun Ogawa
Fabien Schultz
Jiajia Rao
Chibuike Udenigwe
Taylor Laughlin
Supratim Ghosh

(Did we miss you? Let me know! This list is based on new members that joined between January 1 and July 22, 2018).

Janet S. Brown
Director, AOCS Membership
2710 S. Boulder Drive
Urbana, IL 61802-6996
+1 217-693-4897


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