Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will You Invest in AOCS?

"What can this organization do for me?" is a frequently asked question. It applies to social clubs, fraternal organizations, and scientific societies. Perhaps the question should be phrased, "What can I do for this organization?" At least this is more consistent with the old adages, "You get out no more than you put in" or "The more you give, the more you get." In this age of social responsibility, it is refreshing to consider the personal contributions of time and energy made to the Society by hundreds of our AOCS membership.

The officers of the Society provide direction and set the general policies for the organizations.
Committees are constantly at work to improve current activities and provide the opportunity to directly influence the direction for the Society. Editors, books reviewers, scientific papers all work together to help make our journals outstanding technical publications. Other ways in which people contribute to the Society are through Section and Division activities, participation in short courses or convention programs, and presentation of scientific papers. Governance, committee, publication, technical expertise all gives the spark which stimulates the members into making this the "most friendly" scientific organization.

All those who have come into direct contact with the Society have been impressed with the earnestness, sincerity, and friendliness of the people in it. These people are obviously enjoying their contributions to Society endeavor.

Are you getting out of your organization all you should? If not, perhaps there is an additional job, a
different interest, a new activity within the organization that would provide the challenge you enjoy. Your personal participation in the Society affairs which most appeal to you will bring rewards far greater than your investment of time and talent.

Taken in part from David Wesson?s article back in 1920's.

I read this article when we were approaching our 100th anniversary in 2009. David Wesson is talking to us today - everything he mentioned is still true and relevant. [Disclaimer - I did update some of his text for today's committee structure. That has changed over the 105 years.]

For those of you who want to "Invest in AOCS" - You Can.

Only have a few minutes - You Can be involved.

Want to lead - You Can

The You Can webpages were designed with level of participation you wish to contribute to your professional society.

Our Society was founded on the spirit of volunteerism. As David Wesson asks, "Are you getting out of your organization all you should" ?

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