Monday, February 4, 2013

News and Notes for Monday February 4, 2012

Nestle Faces $5 Million Lawsuit Over Trans Fats in Frozen Pizzas
A California woman is suing Nestle, claiming the company's pizzas are a danger to public health.
Read more from ABC News.

Omega-3 can help laying hens avoid bone damage 
Most of us are aware of the potential health benefits of omega-3 found in fish oil and flax seed. Now researchers have found that omega-3 could help laying hens avoid bone damage, which affects millions of hens each year, and the research may also help human patients suffering from osteoporosis. Read more from

The Drought's Impact on Food Prices
 Prices in 2012 rose significantly for beef, poultry, fats and oils, but pork prices stayed basically flat and prices for fresh vegetables dropped. Read more from

Use a Wooden Spoon to Know When Oil Is Ready for Frying
In a guide to fearless deep frying, Food 52 notes that if you insert a wooden spoon into the oil, the oil will bubble around the stick when it's ready for frying. Read more from

Univar provides personal care promise in Dubai with new lab
Dutch distributor Univar has extended its services in the personal care market to the Middle East with the opening of a new laboratory in Dubai. Read more from

Rhamnolipid biosurfactants: new technology for EOR, remediation
For chemical or synthetic surfactants, rhamnolipids can be used as ‘green’ replacements and can increase oil recovery after primary and secondary recovery operations. Read more from

Green Matter: Can algae live up to their promise?
Algae plastic is still only at the very dawn of its development. However, as concerns about land use and the use of food crops persist, the bioplastics industry needs a sustainable, low-cost feedstock with a minimal footprint.  Algae would appear to fit the bill rather nicely. Read more from Plastics Today.

SGB signs deals in Brazil to develop jatropha as energy crop
SG Biofuels Inc., has signed agreements in Brazil with Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corp.), and Fiagril, to advance the development of jatropha as a next-generation energy crop. Read the News Release.

AOCS Quality Reference Sample Sale • February 1-28
We’re cleaning out our freezer! All quality reference samples are available for $50.00 during the month of February. Stock up now before supplies are depleted! *this sale does not include Certified Reference Materials.
For information about available samples, visit the website now. To order, use the online order form or contact the AOCS Orders Department at or +1 217-693-4803.

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